The Final Days (2021)

[PDF] The Final Days | by ☆ Bob Woodward Carl Bernstein [PDF] The Final Days | by ☆ Bob Woodward Carl Bernstein - The Final Days, The Final Days The Final Days is the classic behind the scenes account of Richard Nixon s dramatic last months as president Moment by moment Bernstein and Woodward portray the taut post Watergate White House as N. [PDF] The Final Days | by ☆ Bob Woodward Carl Bernstein, The Final Days, Bob Woodward Carl Bernstein, The Final Days The Final Days is the classic behind the scenes account of Richard Nixon s dramatic last months as president Moment by moment Bernstein and Woodward portray the taut post Watergate White House as Nixon his family his staff and many members of Congress strained desperately to prevent his inevitable resignation This brilliant book reveals the ordeal of Nixon s fall fThe Final Da

  • Title: The Final Days
  • Author: Bob Woodward Carl Bernstein
  • ISBN: 9780743274067
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
The Final Days

The Final Days [PDF] The Final Days | by ☆ Bob Woodward Carl Bernstein - The Final Days, The Final Days The Final Days is the classic behind the scenes account of Richard Nixon s dramatic last months as president Moment by moment Bernstein and Woodward portray the taut post Watergate White House as N Final Days of Planet Earth Final Days of Planet Earth is a science fiction miniseries directed by Robert Lieberman and written by Roger Soffer Starring Campbell Scott, Gil Bellows, and Daryl Hannah, the movie was produced by RHI Entertainment for the Hallmark Channel. Final Draft Free Trial Days Free Download your Final Draft Free Trial and use our software FREE for days Zero money down, zero commitment. Sophie Scholl The Final Days Feb , Sophie Scholl The Final Days Directed by Marc Rothemund With Julia Jentsch, Alexander Held, Fabian Hinrichs, Johanna Gastdorf A dramatization of the final days of Sophie Scholl, one of the most famous members of the German World Inside Mary Kay Letourneau s Final Days Biography Oct , The Final Days of Abraham Lincoln The Great Emancipator was basking in the triumph of a Civil War victory and the promise of rekindled dreams when he met his shocking end By Tim Ott A national security emergency in the final days of the Oct , A national security emergency in the final days of the Trump presidency October , , PM Robert Costa, co author of Peril, goes inside the last days of Landslide The Final Days of the Trump Presidency Wolff Two new books about the final year of Donald J Trump s presidency are entering the cultural bloodstream The first, Landslide, by the gadfly journalist Michael Wolff, is the one to leap upon Landslide is a smart, vivid and intrepid book He has great instincts. What happens in the final days of life Dying with cancer Final days What happens in the last days of life is different for everyone But it can help carers and relatives to know a little about what to expect Common concerns Knowing that you or a loved one is close to dying can be very difficult for everyone involved. Secrets of the CIA s Final Days in Vietnam YouTube Secrets from the CIA s Last Days in Vietnam Marilyn Monroe Inside Her Final Days and Fragile State of Aug , The last six months of her life will soon come to the screen in the series tentatively titled The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe, inspired by Keith Badman s book The Final Years of Marilyn Gabby Petito s final days NewsNation Special Report Oct , NewsNation Prime will debut its second Gabby Petito special report Thursday night, this time focusing on what happened in her final days and the

  • [PDF] The Final Days | by ☆ Bob Woodward Carl Bernstein
    192Bob Woodward Carl Bernstein
The Final Days

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  1. We watched this slightly fuzzy film and some parts were just so similar to today Give it a go.Full filmDescription The Final Days is the classic, behind the scenes account of Richard Nixon s dramatic last months as president Moment by moment, Bernstein and Woodward portray the taut, post Watergate White House as Nixon, his family, his staff, and many members of Congress strained desperately to prevent his inevitable resignation This brilliant book reveals the ordeal of Nixon s fall from office o [...]

  2. Good evening.This is the 37th time I have spoken to you from this office, where so many decisions have been made that shaped the history of this Nation And each time I have done so to discuss with you some matter that I believe affected the national interest I now understand I made some of you feel slightly on edge I understand now that I have a problem with eye contact and passive aggression For that I am sorry.In all the decisions I have made in my public life, I have always tried to do what w [...]

  3. In some ways, Final Days is a sequel to Woodward and Bernstein s All The President s Men But in this book, the focus is on the unraveling and deterioration of the Nixon administration Writing in a vivid, engaging style, the authors focus on the last year of the Nixon White House, concentrating especially on the last few weeks with Nixon desperately trying to cling to power when it became crystal clear to almost everyone that his only real choice was between resignation and impeachment But unlike [...]

  4. This is at times a very detailed account of the trial and downfall of President Richard Nixon Who would have thought that a President needed so many lawyers on his staff At the beginning the number of individuals involved is enormous Nevertheless the tale becomes compelling and tragic as we reach the inevitable culmination of Nixon s downfall In the biography I read of Nixon by Conrad Black he observes that Nixon was isolated and did not have enough contacts outside of the White House By contra [...]

  5. I ve got a few thoughts on Woodward and Bernstein s The Final Days, which is both and less timely than it might seem at first This isn t really a book about Nixon, though he s a major character and you learn important things about him see below Rather, this is a book about the staff, lawyers, and loyalists who as late 1973 and the summer of 1974 were still credulous enough to believe him that he neither knew about the various crimes related to Watergate nor made any effort to use the power of h [...]

  6. Wow that was a slog Obviously since it took me over a year to finish it Not nearly as involving as All the President s Men So much minutiae to wade through Picked up in the last third when everything is falling apart for Nixon and the deathwatch for his administration had begun However it s still a major historical account of a very messy time in the history of the United States A wrap up for the previous twelve years which saw the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall going up, JFK [...]

  7. I read this one a while ago It s sort of a sequel to All the President s Men, chronicling the crackup of the Nixon administration In many ways, this book is better than its predecessor it s not focused on just Watergate, and it follows the politicians rather than the reporters All the President s Men is largely the story of how Woodward and Bernstein did their reporting.Two very striking facts will always stay with me from this book First it s eye opening to read how much all of these people car [...]

  8. Do sane people seek the Presidency At least these days it appears the candidates themselves truly want the job The American people no longer get faceless hacks like Warren Harding selected by the party behind closed doors.Richard Nixon was sane, but he had serious psychological problems No lover of humanity, no glad hander, this man of dark thoughts who you would think to be the last to succeed in politics, improbably made it to the highest office in the land His character defects were enabled t [...]

  9. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein s The Final Days is an absolute gem, the highest level of political reporting This is a follow up to their brilliant book All the President s Men, and takes up where that book ended Richard Nixon s White House is under siege, following the revelations of the Watergate scandal and the indictments of many of his top aides All of the key players in the drama are followed in great detail, from the President and his family, to White House staffers, members of Congress, [...]

  10. Woodward and Bernstein s quasi sequel to All the President s Men, The Final Days, chronicles the last year of Nixon s presidency from the April 1973 resignations of Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichman through his resignation The authors interview dozens of participants, providing a fast paced insider account of Nixon s advisers first trying to contain the damage, slowly and reluctantly realizing that they ve been dupe, and their belated, frantic efforts pushing their boss to accept the inevitable U [...]

  11. The facts in tandem with the facts and fiction in the novelized version of Watergate I had just finished Love reliving those heady days of smarmy Nixon s disgrace and fall.

  12. The saga of Watergate was about how a US President elected with a record margin of both popular and electoral votes, came to be nearly impeached for a cover up of a simple burglary, breaking and entering The Final days by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein was a chronological sequence of the events which happened during the ten months leading to President Richard Nixon s resignation on 9th August, 1974 The authors have meticulously documented the various events from the perspective of those who pla [...]

  13. I guess it seemed appropriate to read this at the moment I like reading about the internal machinery of the White House and this is one of the definitive accounts, almost to a fault It s told entirely in narrative form from 100 days before through to Nixon s resignation as President Characters come in and out of the story throughout but I think I kept a grip on who each person was and what they did I have no idea how some of Nixon s staff managed to keep functioning under so much stress, especia [...]

  14. Even though you know what is coming, the events on the inside provide a fascinating look inside the last year of the Nixon administration The details even manage to invoke sympathy for some of the players I hadn t anticipated.

  15. In a sense this book operates like a sequel to the wonderful All the President s Men, and it showcases the chaos that the investigations of people like Woodward, Bernstein, and Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox brought into the Nixon White House Yet, unlike Woodward and Bernstein s previous book, this one drops the veneer of the reporters perspective and brings the reader into the innermost rooms of power in the last year of Nixon s reign It s quite a scene.The story of the Watergate scandal and [...]

  16. The Watergate scandal has always interested me, partly because of my background in journalism, but mostly because Woodward and Bernstein s books tell a fantastic detective story, one that s all the compelling because it is true If it had been a Hollywood screenplay, the plot would have been written off as implausible and with good reason While All The President s Men chronicled the two Washington Post reporters search for the story behind the 1972 break in at Democratic national headquarters, i [...]

  17. Truly remarkable book Different, for obvious reasons, in scope to All The President s Men, but no less engaging What makes this stand out even is that over 40 years later, we have the ability to disengage and take into account Nixon s later years in their entirety, but this book put together in less than two years after the resignation Yet, even though events were still so raw, Woodward and Bernstein have managed to elicit some sympathy for a truly complex individual That, in itself, should spe [...]

  18. This 5 star rating is for me, I don t think most of my friends would enjoy this It is fascinating, illuminating, and depressing at the same time It is the sequel toAll the President s Men, and continues the story from the admissions at the end of that book until Nixon resigns This book is different, and simultaneously and less engaging The first book details the search of the reporters for the facts to solve the mysteries of the circumstances as well as their discoveries That search and the wal [...]

  19. THE FINAL DAYS is an interesting chronicle of the inside workings of the White House during the last battles of Watergate One wonders how much is entirely accurate because the men who gave their accounts knew they were framing their own places in history Nixon would tell his story several years later.That Bob Woodward hates Richard Nixon is undisputed As the 40th anniversary of the break in approached, the Washington Post ran a story headlined, Nixon was worse than we thought over Bob Woodward s [...]

  20. I finally finished this book over the Christmas holidays Maybe it was because I knew how the story ended Nixon resigning that I dawdled so long in reading it Somehow I was able to finish.I d say, compared to All The President s Men , the book is much slower There is a lot of detail, too So much so, that I wondered how Woodward and Bernstein would know about the inner thoughts of Nixon s Clean Up Crew.The book finally came alive when Henry Kissinger entered the story and the reader gets some juic [...]

  21. Given how quickly this book was published after the Nixon presidency, it is remarkably well researched and detailed The content is chilling a president who was lying to his own lawyers and aides, contemplating suicide, and roaming the White House drinking and conversing with portraits of dead presidents My only quibble with the book is that it is so focused on the internal workings of the West Wing and First Family that reading this many decades later it is hard to put the events in the context [...]

  22. Having lived through this time in Washington, DC it is still amazing to read of the actions of Nixon and others They definitely define hubris I listened to All the President s Men this summer and am so glad I followed it up with this.

  23. The follow up to All the President s Men is a much denser, much involved examination of the ending the President Richard M Nixon s term in office, abruptly curtailed on 9 August 1974 following the revelation of criminal activities and attempts to obstruct justice in the Nixon White House The first part of the book sets the scene, covering the lie of the land, while the second part, beginning with 24 July 1974, follows the daily course of the myriad players involved in the scandal and how they f [...]

  24. 4.5 If this book was fiction, any decent editor would shred it s narrative and cut 150 pages out of it So much is devoted to the inner turmoil of Nixon s will I won t I behavior with regards to resignation that it would feel redundant if it weren t true Covering the drama behind the scenes in the White House as well as congress, this is a thoroughly comprehensive work told by the original Watergate journalists It s done in the same note by note fashion as All The President s Men but I m giving i [...]

  25. An extremely thorough, journalistic detailing of the inner workings of the Nixon administration leading up to the president s resignation The book paints a pretty fascinating view of how things went down and Nixon s persona, which often forces you to be both infuriated and empathetic The book also presents many items that parallels today s issues regarding Trump.If there s any book that is a reminder that history repeats itself, it s this one.

  26. Fantastic This is as gripping as any novel, and even though you know how it ends you still find yourself turnin pages with a, uh, swift rapidity Some folks may say the story this book tells about the downfall of the Nixon administration is very timely, what with America s current meatball president I m not so convinced It s an insult to the memory of Richard Nixon to compare him to Donald Trump Regardless, I d recommend this book to anyone with even a cursory interest in U.S politics.

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