Skunked (2021)

↠ Skunked ☆ Jacqueline Kelly Teagan White Jennifer L. Meyer ↠ Skunked ☆ Jacqueline Kelly Teagan White Jennifer L. Meyer - Skunked, Skunked From Newbery honor author Jacqueline Kelly comes a new illustrated chapter book series for younger readers featuring the beloved characters from The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate In Calpurnia Tate Anim. ↠ Skunked ☆ Jacqueline Kelly Teagan White Jennifer L. Meyer, Skunked, Jacqueline Kelly Teagan White Jennifer L. Meyer, Skunked From Newbery honor author Jacqueline Kelly comes a new illustrated chapter book series for younger readers featuring the beloved characters from The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate In Calpurnia Tate Animal Doctor in Training Callie Vee Travis and Dr Pritzker help animals big and small When soft hearted Travis discovers an abandoned baby skunk he can t help but bring himFrom Newbery honor

  • Title: Skunked
  • Author: Jacqueline Kelly Teagan White Jennifer L. Meyer
  • ISBN: 9781627798686
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover

Skunked ↠ Skunked ☆ Jacqueline Kelly Teagan White Jennifer L. Meyer - Skunked, Skunked From Newbery honor author Jacqueline Kelly comes a new illustrated chapter book series for younger readers featuring the beloved characters from The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate In Calpurnia Tate Anim

  • ↠ Skunked ☆ Jacqueline Kelly Teagan White Jennifer L. Meyer
    162Jacqueline Kelly Teagan White Jennifer L. Meyer

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  1. You older readers may remember Callie Tate from her Newbery honored novel The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, but in Skunked, she and her little brother Travis are introduced to the early reader crowd with all the humor and heart of the first story and a considerably thinner book spine Plus really gorgeous illustrations every few pages.When Travis Tate finds an orphaned baby skunk in a hollow tree near their Texas home in the early 20th century, his tender heart leaves him no choice but to bring it [...]

  2. Early chapter books are NOT easy to write well and my hat is off to Jacqueline Kelly for this terrific start to a series for young readers The entire package is excellent from the appealing cover to the interior book design with dark well spaced text and plenty of white space The illustrations are fun and provide information about the setting and period Calpurnia and Travis are engaging characters and the story revolving around baby skunks is really charming I especially like the science focus h [...]

  3. I m a huge fan of the original Calpurnia stories, so I was leery of this spin off for younger readers, but it is delightful Skunked remains true to the spirit of the older stories while being age appropriate for the format Kelly provides an intelligent heroine interested in science as a role model along with heavy doses of humor Callie Vee and Travis will be fun to follow in the sequels I can t wait.The bookmaking here is beautiful, too The interior illustrations by Jennifer L Meyer harken to Ga [...]

  4. Calpurnia and her brother, Travis, have a relationship in which they care for one another and like each other, so when one gets into a scrape, the other helps them out The plot is funny, there is great foreshadowing, no one gets hurts, and, in the end, their parents never find out what really happened all of which help make a great book for younger or gentle chapter book readers jp

  5. Calpurnia Tate, Girl Vet is a new series for younger readers This first book tells of Calpurnia and her younger brother Travis misadventures with baby skunks Travis has big heart when it comes to animals, but lacks common sense Case in point, he brings the skunks to school because one is sick Mayhem erupts These books do a great job of introducing Calpurnia and Travis to younger readers who will no doubt love the two previous books, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate and The Curious World of Calpur [...]

  6. This will be a good choice for early chapter book readers who interested in historical fiction or who have a genre assignment Although it s Calpurnia Tate 3, it really serves as an introduction to Callie.

  7. As the first in a set of Moving Up level books that take place in turn of the century Texas, readers meet Callie and her younger brother Travis as they poke around in the natural world surrounding their family s farm An awkward first page summarizes some pretty dramatic back story about their dad a hired man killing a mother skunk, that should have been directly connected to the opening action, but there was a gap which never got filled The sneaking around to hide a new pet storyline has been do [...]

  8. I haven t read the original middle grade Calpurnia Tate book, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, but I started picking up these first chapter books for my library and decided to read one for myself I like the protagonist as a young naturalist, her relationship with her brother, the beautiful illustrations, and the idea of the historical Texas setting I wish that setting at least the year had been mentioned explicitly somewhere, even on the back description I looked at the original book to find it [...]

  9. My son is nearly 4 and just getting into read aloud chapter books, and he loves animals, so I thought I would take a chance at Skunked I loved The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate and I m so excited about this series for younger readers I loved especially the opportunity to introduce to my preschooler son a strong female protagonist interested in science And while he enjoyed this as a read aloud, I was really disappointed that the story did not have character development for Calpurnia, who was such [...]

  10. First sentence None of the terrible things that happened need have happened at all if the skunk hadn t drawn attention to itself by ripping up our garden and stealing a bunch of vegetables And if Father hadn t told the hired man to set a trap and kill it And if the skunk hadn t turned out to be a mother with a baby hidden in a den nearby And if my younger brother Travis hadn t heard the hungry baby crying and stopped to investigate Premise plot Calpurnia Tate stars in a new series of early reade [...]

  11. This is the beginning of a nice junior companion series for fans of the Newbery Honor book, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate Though, regrettably, I haven t read the other Calpurnia Tate books, this was a pleasant introduction to the characters, and it might be just the thing to get me to read the other books I imagine that is what the author and publisher hope will be the case for many readers, and if it is, I hope they are successful The book is certainly well written and entertaining I was part [...]

  12. Besides being spun off from The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate which I abandoned after a few chapters , this series seems to be a cross between the Lulu series by Hilary McKay and the Maple Ridge series by Grace Gil Callie s brother, Travis, begins caring for a pair of baby skunks, one of whom is a runt, which sets into motion a series of predictably humorous events The thing I liked best is that this book does not romanticize animal rescue Callie and the local vet both point out that nature does n [...]

  13. Jacqueline Kelly introduces the adventurous Calpurnia Tate to young readers in this new series spinning tales from the characters in the original chapter books Readers don t need to have read the first two to thoroughly enjoy this short tale The language is not dumbed down and includes solid vocabulary and an introduction to scientific observation Animal lovers will enjoy the misadventures of Calpurnia and her animal rescuing brother, Travis, who finds a baby skunk and brings it home Fun and hil [...]

  14. This would have been right up my alley as a kid Caddie Woodlawn or Anne of Green Gables for young readers Read aloud to the kids and they liked it, but don t think either will pick it up independently It s a well written early chapter book with short sentences, short chapters, and lots of illustrations, but the historical context and vocabulary make it challenging than it appears Revisit for L in a year or two

  15. This intermediate reader will appeal to children who are interested in animals or historical fiction Callie and Travis efforts to save two skunk kits is admirable, but I was very disappointed by their relationship I really don t like name calling in books and Callie s continuous reference to how her brother is an idiot or making stupid choices really bothered me.

  16. Young Callie and her brother Travis can t help loving animals of all kinds When Travis finds two abandoned skunk kits, the two tend to them Set in early 1900s Texas, the story offers an old fashioned charm that would appeal to fans of Little House on the Prairie A charming slice of life early reader.

  17. Super sweet chapter book that felt perfect for 2 4th graders This is a series based on the character Calpurnia Tate, and it is a fun, innocent read about siblings who rescue two baby skunks Disaster ensues, and I love that this is a series

  18. It was okay for a younger reader, but is not written at the same level as the original Calpurnia Tate books My six year old granddaughter would like this, but not my middle reader I really like the history sophistication of the original books Expecting that, I was disappointed.

  19. Because this is intended as an early chapter book for young readers I did not get as much delighted enjoyment as I did from The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate It is not as multi layered Still, I found the same excellent storytelling and character portrayal.

  20. While this book does not hold the Charm of the original Calpurnia Tate books it definitely has appeal.There are animals, vets, mischief, and good brother Sister relationships It has all the charm of Penderwichs for a younger reader.

  21. It was okay Not very exciting, but it would serve a population albeit a small one I liked the first Calpurnia Tate much better.

  22. her brother travis is sooo loving and kind to animals t in a good way though keeping wild animals for pets

  23. A quick read, an engaging early reader That said, too much idiot , stupid , and dumb for a spin off of such smart, science rich beginning with the 2 initial books.

  24. A book about a science loving girl with her own fossil collection who has adventures with animals It s as if this was written just for my daughter.

  25. Such a fun story I loved the science bits thrown in It reminded me of Little House, but for a much younger audience.

  26. 3.5 stars Younger kids will love the skunk plot, but I couldn t help yearning for a real Calpurnia novel since I loved the first two so much.

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