Blood Fever (2021)

Unlimited Blood Fever - by Charlie Higson Unlimited Blood Fever - by Charlie Higson - Blood Fever, Blood Fever BEFORE THE MAN BECAME THE LEGENDFORE THE BOY BECAME THE MANET BOND JAMES BOND Following his adventures in the Scottish Highlands James Bond is back at Eton where he has joined the risk taking Danger. Unlimited Blood Fever - by Charlie Higson, Blood Fever, Charlie Higson, Blood Fever BEFORE THE MAN BECAME THE LEGENDFORE THE BOY BECAME THE MANET BOND JAMES BOND Following his adventures in the Scottish Highlands James Bond is back at Eton where he has joined the risk taking Danger Society Summer vacation is on the horizon and James is looking forward to the school trip to the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia and the opportunity to spend sBEFORE THE MAN BECAME

  • Title: Blood Fever
  • Author: Charlie Higson
  • ISBN: 9780786836628
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
Blood Fever

Blood Fever Unlimited Blood Fever - by Charlie Higson - Blood Fever, Blood Fever BEFORE THE MAN BECAME THE LEGENDFORE THE BOY BECAME THE MANET BOND JAMES BOND Following his adventures in the Scottish Highlands James Bond is back at Eton where he has joined the risk taking Danger

  • Unlimited Blood Fever - by Charlie Higson
    349Charlie Higson
Blood Fever

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  1. Young James Bond is getting to the place where we older kids are use to himhe s getting looks, girls liking him, never panick and give up, and of course, surround yourself with colorful characters.Nobody is ever how they seem Not even your headmasters hint, hint The book blood fever is amazingly written The suspense builds up with every turning page James is with another enemy, his name is Count Ugo James found out about a secret society known as the Milenaria which as he thought had long ago fa [...]

  2. James Bond is a pupil at Eton and finds life a little pedestrian with the exception of the Danger Society he is a member of When the Society is almost discovered after a meeting, James escapes over the rooftops of Eton He finds himself in an area he has never been in before, overhears two men speaking Latin and stumbles across a temple with the initials MM on a painting Meanwhile in the Greek islands a boat is hi jacked and the English army captain on board with his crew are killed, whilst the c [...]

  3. If anyone thought that a Young Bond book would lack the action, adventure, bloodshed and body count of a Fleming thriller, think again.BLOOD FEVER continues Higson s Young Bond theme of incorporating references to the Fleming classics and the Bond character we know and love with new, enriching characters, intricate plot and synopsis, and twists and turns Frankly, I would love to see what Higson could do with a story in Bond s later years.Even still, his version of teenage 007 stories are incredi [...]

  4. Not quite as good as the first Young Bond novel, but pretty decent I would give it 3.5 stars if I could.One interesting positive element is Higson s decision to strongly hint that Bond s cousin Victor is gay In an interview with a Bond website, Higson confirmed that this was his intent MI6 HQ interviewMI6 Bond s Uncle Victor and Poliponi seem rather close in the book Is there something to it Are they than friends Higson Laughs Well of course they are, I mean it s not anything that children wou [...]

  5. WOW, what a book My first thought was when i saw this book how can it live up to silverfin first book but wow it did Twists and turns of the plot just make you want to read on and on and on When i first started this book i found it really hard to get into an with its slow beginning, but i do believe that if we did not have the beginning it wouldn t totally make sense We need to Know who Mark Goodenough is, the teacher at Eton Haight is, as he does quiet a main part to the plot but is not first v [...]

  6. The gripping story lines of James Bond have always been major hits His movies have always been great hits The author Charlie Higson has rendered a teen series which portrays James Bond as student in Eton In these books, James Bond falls into many precarious situations, an the stories display his wit and determination in making it out of dangerous times alive I got the chance to read one of these books This book is a great read and I recommend that its it is read by teens.In this book, James Bond [...]

  7. well what can you say its James Bond The name is Bond James Bond and the book is keeping up the name fortunately I guess so in spite of the fact that i have not actually read the original Iam Flemming books but in my defence i have watched the movies and every single one of them from sean connery to now Daniel craigThe book and the plot is good and also reminded me how my brain is developed only to the level where i find books meant for 13 year olds to be perfectly in sync with my pace and under [...]

  8. I grew up watching James Bond movies My father was fond of them so of course, I learned to love the movies too Really, my father influenced me a lot in movies and music There s Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and so much So when I saw this book at the book sale I immediately bought it, not knowing that this was the second book in a novel I just read the words Young James Bond and yeah, you know the rest.And long story short, I wasn t disappointed The book was action packed and I liked it a lot The [...]

  9. 2.5 Overall, I felt that the story was just very messy and un organized The problems that came up in the beginning were solved at the very end, and the later problems were solved before The ending was very dumb, and the writing style was a whole lot confusing Maybe book 3 will be better

  10. Well doneThis story was well written and well read, providing believable insights into James Bond s younger life.A good read for both younger readers and older fans

  11. In true Bond fashion James finds himself in a bit of trouble, far from home, and not knowing who he can depend on Though the story was a bit predictable at times, it had a nice depth to it I was a little worried when James was left stranded with people who didn t speak English, but I felt it was handled well Charlie Higson has done well with Bond in this book, as well as in Silverfin It s nice how he slips in small things that are seemingly insignificant to the current story, but that Bond lover [...]

  12. AND HE DID IT AGAIN I live for this book series because of how amazing it is I had trouble with finding this book, I was on the verge of giving up I am so happy that Waterstones was there to save the day, once again I loved the adrenaline that coursed through me during every moment of reading this book I ve got to hand it to Higson, the way he uses vocabulary and syntax to motivate the reader into wanting to never put the book down is unbelievable I love the compelling lure that I have to this s [...]

  13. Fun fluff I read this after I read 3 whatever s available at the town library I think I m over the character and his silliness 3 was fun for historical references and puzzles this a Magyar who loves the sea A Sardinian named Vendetta who nurses and loves Bond, even if she can t talk to him A count who s a goatherd A teacher who s a criminal is just silly Fun enough Not sorry I read it, really, and not sorry it s over.

  14. Very well written, exciting and whips along at a cracking pace Better than some of the grown up Bond continuation novels.

  15. This was an okay book The book was rushed, and random events happened that did not relate to the story

  16. I accidentally bought this book and I wasn t expecting much of it, I almost threw it out but I really liked it it s easy to read and a page turner.

  17. An unlikely and unengaging story with the usual lack of feeling for the time Lectures about surrealism, sub machine guns and the birth of scuba diving does not help any I m afraid, nor villains with very strange appearances and vague plans of criminal super fraternities or a hero closer to Bland then Bond Mindless action can be fun, but it must either be entertaining or hanging on the edge of your seat This does not hit the spot.

  18. The Danger Society a group of Eton boys who get their thrills sneaking out after dark and sharing a cigarette When James Bond joins a holiday trip to Sardinia, he gets far danger than he anticipated.James and his friends aren t the only ones at Eton part of a secret society There is a sinister link between the school and a mysterious organisation in Sarsinia Thievery and kidnapping soon lead to murder, with James caught in the midst of it all.Can he survive the wrathful ampitions of menor will [...]

  19. This book is one of my favourite books of all time and it is one of those stand out books that turned out to be really good despite coming from a shit series.Part of the reason why I loved this book so much was because I found it very similar to Lolita Funnily enough Bond doesn t actually make much of an appearance in this book until the end.The story follows a girl called Amy who s father is murdered when their yacht is ambushed and ransacked by a group of pirates, the leader being Zoltan Zolta [...]

  20. Blood Fever is an inspiring novel full of mystery, action and adventure The story is about an adolescent boy named James Bond He attends a very preppy english school called Eton When James s teacher talks about a school trip to visit the ruins in the Mediterranean, he sees it as a perfect opportunity to leave the crew and stay at his Uncle Victor s villa in Sardinia, Italy James suspicion raises when he comes across clues in England and Sardinia about a cult called the Millenaria When James meet [...]

  21. Charlie Higson s 2nd Young Bond book offers up an inspired, fast paced, and well written adventure Most of the story takes place over summer vacation from Eton in 1933 as Bond is persuaded to go on a class trip to Sardinia where he uncovers a criminal conspiracy and a secret society dedicated to the rebirth of the Roman Empire led by a delusional leader who thinks himself to be the next Julius Ceasar funding his wealth with stolen paintings and artifacts Bond encounters pirates, bandits, and two [...]

  22. Blood Fever by Charlie Higson is an amazing book This is the 2nd book of the Young Bond series The first one before this one was Silverfin , which I did a review on if anyone wants to read it, so I suggest reading the first one before this one, so it ll make sense in this book This is a series I will be reading until the very last book This book has a few plot twists in it, and HUGE surprises in it, so I would suggest this to anyone who loves spy adventure books, and to anyone who likes to be a [...]

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