Second Foundation (2021)

Ô Second Foundation ð Isaac Asimov Ô Second Foundation ð Isaac Asimov - Second Foundation, Second Foundation So far the Foundation was safe But there was a hidden Second Foundation to protect the first The Mule has yet to find it but he was getting closer all the time The men of the Foundation sought it to. Ô Second Foundation ð Isaac Asimov, Second Foundation, Isaac Asimov, Second Foundation So far the Foundation was safe But there was a hidden Second Foundation to protect the first The Mule has yet to find it but he was getting closer all the time The men of the Foundation sought it too to escape from Mule s mind control Only Arkady a year old girl seemed to have the answer or did she

  • Title: Second Foundation
  • Author: Isaac Asimov
  • ISBN: 9780553803730
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
Second Foundation

Second Foundation Ô Second Foundation ð Isaac Asimov - Second Foundation, Second Foundation So far the Foundation was safe But there was a hidden Second Foundation to protect the first The Mule has yet to find it but he was getting closer all the time The men of the Foundation sought it to Second Foundation Second Foundation is the third novel published of the Foundation Series by American writer Isaac Asimov, and the fifth in the in universe chronology.It was first published in by Gnome Press. Second Foundation consists of two previously published novellas originally published in Astounding Magazine with different titles between and , making this the third volume in Asimov s Second Amendment Foundation Nov , The Second Amendment Foundation SAF We are dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms To that end, we carry on many educational and legal action programs designed to Foundation and Empire Foundation and Empire is a science fiction novel by American writer Isaac Asimov originally published by Gnome Press in It is the second book in the Foundation Series, and the fourth in the in universe chronology.It takes place in two parts, originally published as separate novellas The second part, The Mule, won a Retro Hugo Award in The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats Poetry Foundation William Butler Yeats is widely considered to be one of the greatest poets of the th century He belonged to the Protestant, Anglo Irish minority that had controlled the economic, political, social, and cultural life of Ireland since at least the end of the th century. National Breast Cancer Foundation National Breast Cancer Foundation provides early detection screenings, including mammograms, breast health education, and a supportive community. No Second Troy by William Butler Yeats Poetry Foundation William Butler Yeats is widely considered to be one of the greatest poets of the th century He belonged to the Protestant, Anglo Irish minority that had controlled the economic, political, social, and cultural life of Ireland since at least the end of the th century. Second Amendment Foundation In addition to these books, the Second Amendment Foundation possesses a library of many other gun related books To view a full book list, or to order any of the aforementioned books, click here, email orders saf or call the Second Amendment Foundation at . Foundation is getting a second season on Apple TV Plus Oct , Foundation has been renewed for a second season on Apple TV Plus, which will cover the rest of Asimov s first novel and start to adapt the second book, Foundation, Second Genome Presents Preclinical Data at Crohn s Nov , Second Genome Presents Preclinical Data at Crohn s Colitis Foundation s IBD Innovate Conference for Potential First in Class Mucosal Healing Therapeutic SG Read full article November

  • Ô Second Foundation ð Isaac Asimov
    452Isaac Asimov
Second Foundation

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  1. What a great completion of the trilogy This book, the last part of Foundation trilogy, was very captivating from the start and became even interesting and enthralling leading to a great spellbinding climax This trilogy has now entered to my all time favorite books It has been a great experience reading Isaac Asimov.

  2. And so you take comfort in what once used to chafe and to frustrate the man is smarter than you Hari Seldon At first you fought against his implacable logic, his elegant design mapping out the entire existence of your race, the human kind But eventually you relaxed and embraced it you and yours, your dreams, the human race your goals and your future would be protected, protected by the plan The Seldon Plan and Foundation And when Foundation and the Plan both suffered at the hands of the mutant T [...]

  3. Second Foundation wraps up Asimov s brilliant early 50s classic SF series Foundation.Twenty nine years later in 1982 Asimov would publish Foundation s Edge, but for most of the golden age, the Foundation trilogy would form a template though never completely duplicated for SF excellence Essentially divided into two parts the first part a conclusion of Foundation and Empire with The Mule and then the conclusion of the Foundation story The search for the ultra secretive Second Foundation continues [...]

  4. The book alone, I probably would have rated 3 stars out of 5, but I just noticed I rated 3 stars also the first two books in the trilogy, which baffles me because when I think of the Foundation trilogy, I do not think 3 stars It seemed appropriate, therefore, to up the average rating of the series with this last chapter Every human being lived behind an impenetrable wall of choking mist within which no other but he existed What I loved about this particular instalment, and a thing that is quite [...]

  5. This was a fabulous conclusion to the original trilogy In the first book, we see the rise of the Foundation the kernel of civilization around which the Second Galactic Empire will eventually rise after the fall of the First Galactic Empire a foundation established for precisely that reason by the inestimable Hari Seldon, who through his mathematics can predict the future.In the second book, we see Seldon s Plan shattered by the unexpected rise of a conqueror with mutant mental powers the Mule so [...]

  6. Was his controlled mind so concerned with obedience as to lose initiative He felt a thickening despondency drive him down into a strange lassitude Poor Captain Han Pritcher Mind control is a common sci fi trope but the feelings or thoughts of the person under control are rarely explored This is what makes Part 1 of Second Foundation so special As I mentioned in my review of Foundation and Empire The Mule is a terrific villain, clever and ruthless but no exactly evil and a little pitiful This par [...]

  7. This book concludes the original tale of the Foundation and it is a worthy ending.Like the second book, this had not several shorter stories forming a mosaic to introduce the reader to the galaxy as had the first, but had only two parts Search by the Mule Search by the FoundationThe first part resumes the tale where it had left off at the end of the second book the Mule is still ruling the galaxy after having beaten the Foundation and is powerful than ever He knows however that there is another [...]

  8. The idea behind it s pretty good Asimov has set up little philosopher kings to slowly shape the universe until they can accept being openly ruled by beings as superior as them, because of SCIENCE It never actually handles the philosophical issues involved, but notes that they exist Meanwhile, the plot is such Man1 Haha I tricked you Man2 But I knew you were going to trick me Instead, I tricked you Man1 But I knew you knew that I was going to trick you, so really I win Man2 NO dies Man3 I knew th [...]

  9. Second Foundation is a decent enough conclusion to the original Foundation trilogy, although it was by far the weakest book in the trilogy in my eyes.The problem is that whereas the first book, despite its own flaws, is both intriguing and original, both the second and third volumes focus on deviation from, and restoration of, the psychohistorical master plan of Hari Seldon The whole story of the Mule feels quite pointless and could be considered the weakest point of Asimov s ideas Both the sequ [...]

  10. I m still amazed at how well this and the other two books in the trilogy holds up It s easy to let little things go like all the focus on Atomic Reactors when they ve still got FTL We could replace one technology with another and still have the same core story shine.And it really shines.Yes, SF has had tons of telepathic SOBs, but I still count the Mule as one of the most savvy and intelligent dictators to ever topple a galactic empire The first half of this book deals entirely with him and his [...]

  11. Like the other Foundation novels I have read this book non GR or pre GR many times since the wonderful fist reading in the 70s Do I enjoy it every time Yes of course, otherwise I wouldn t re read Do I enjoy as much or , hmm, difficult, in some ways no, its not new to me, but in some ways yes, because I get every time, and I realise every time what an amazing author Asimov was.So I have just finished it for 2017 as part of the Foundation 7 book version series read for SF Aficionados and again I [...]

  12. A book divided in two parts again, it can be read as two novellas instead of one book I actually see it that way A great conclusion with the fluent and smart writing the trilogy has had so far but a bit focus on answers Not as philosophical as the previews but far dynamic The trilogy in general is the perfect definition of well plotted Fast and interesting, perfectly exposed and detailed, intriguing and exciting Second Foundation can be called an original ending even after all these years.Y se [...]

  13. Intergalactic chess game shall the Seldon Plan unravel, leaving the galaxy to savagery and digression or shall carefully laid undertakings based on probabilities save the galaxy from such a fate, and if so at what cost This, the third of the series, was simply comprised of a better story than it s predecessors It still had that intelligent tilt, but it also fleshed out the characters and concealed the twists in plot in a much satisfactory way This was a page turner and by the end I felt investe [...]

  14. Isaac Asimov s Foundation series is often cited amongst the nerdegalian as the best sci fi series evar It s set, as you may guess, far into the future where a man discovers that Rome uh, I mean The Galactic Empire is fated to collapse and bring about 30,000 years of barbarism unless certain actions are taken to start a long chain of events, the first of which is to create a kind of galactic I m not normally a fan of hard science fiction, and reading this trilogy kind of reminds me of why.It actu [...]

  15. A circle has no end and then the shape of the Galaxy is like a double spiral so did I know the answer Hmm not a bad guess But that doesn t change this to be as entertaining and witty an end to the Foundation Trilogy as promised All three of the original trilogy are just as much creditable today as must have been when first published I am always humbled by Asimov s talent and his scientific foresight amazed me once in terms of the technology described in this series I am also intrigued by the ps [...]

  16. 4.5 Stars Satisfying conclusion to one of the classic space opera trilogies in science fiction history Asimov could really spin a good, fun yarn and populate it was great larger than life characters.

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  18. Asimov has a linguistic prowess that is nearly untouchable nearly Not any skilled writer can project a copious amount of thought and ideals behind a few well formulated sentences Let alone have the innate ability to fabricate conundrums for the reader to so innocently and unwittingly plunge into around every other page I figured myself top notch, thinking I had discovered the hidden secrets behind the book thinking I had discovered the ultimate truth behind the words of Harry Seldin and found th [...]

  19. A prophet needs prescience and clairvoyance to accomplish his task, and Isaac Asimov possessed these qualities, because he was one He did it by conveying the distant future to his followers It was the Foundation series that made him famous and propelled his name into the annals of science fiction.In this third book, Asimov continues the quest for truth by delivering something unseen in the previous two iterations consistency His only major flaw as an author not being able to utilize engaging lan [...]

  20. Asimov pulled it off The cliffhanger at the end of Foundation and Empire leads to a wonderful storyline full of mystery and intriguee in Second Foundation The Seldon Plan, which worked like a Deus Ex Machina in Foundation, finally faces a serious threat Not to mention, Asimov s writing has improved by leaps and bounds in this book, and the glaring exposition necessary at the beginning is handled with much subtlety and believability In Foundation and the first half of Foundation and Empire, the [...]

  21. Asimov rounds off the trilogy in exemplary way The Foundation, destroyed by the unpredictable variable in the statistical equation in this case, the mutant Mule , is brought back into working order by the Second Foundation , the secret Plan B of Hari Seldon rumoured to be located at the other end of the galaxy It s a fine SF novel and an intriguing space mystery at the same time.

  22. Bliss me out, Bayta The Second Foundation are controlling my mind Well, they MUST be because I enjoyed this, the third of the Foundation space doddles, ONE WHOLE STAR MORE than the other two books that preceded it Let s face it, I was certifiably paranoid BEFORE I picked up book number 3, but thanks to those cunning Second Foundationers and their ghastly galactic grip, I ve gone starker raving bonkers than Ozzy Osbourne in receipt of a Final Notice gas bill But there s a comfort in being mind co [...]

  23. Dang he got me again Not so much that the Second Foundation was on Trantor I figured it was close , but that Preen Palver was the First Speaker And once again, my first reaction was I gotta read these books again and catch all this hidden junk Because the realization, though less intense, was similar in its execution to the revelation of the Mule The resolution of the plot was rather flat and uninteresting, but the idea behind it was cool I guess it was just a conflict of execution vs exhibit I [...]

  24. A return to form if you can say that of a book containing stories apparently written before the disappointing book that precedes it This was not an Earth shattering, life changing read but it was an enjoyable one nonetheless.Technically this was the end of the original trilogy but with two novels left in the epic 15 book universe I feel that there s plenty of room for further exploration of ideas only hinted at so far and plenty of enthusiasm left in me for reading them However the end of this [...]

  25. Read in Portuguese Awesome trilogy.These Asimov s books has earned a special place in the sci fi genre and it s well deserved It s a Masterpiece But it is not for all kind of readers It s Like it or leave it kind of book I don t recommend it for those people who like to read something quickly and full of action To fully enjoy Foundation you need to read this book without today s perspective, I mean, it s been written in the 1950 s, and inspired so many writers that the ideas about the future in [...]

  26. It s so funny when SF writers, especially ones like Asimov who take themselves seriously, try to predict the future This book contains one of my favorite examples of getting it completely wrong We re God knows how many thousands of years on from now, they have faster than light travel and force fields and any number of other miraculous inventions, but what is the absolute latest, cutting edge technology Well it looks rather like Dragon Dictate, with a printer that produces cursive handwriting Ex [...]

  27. Me encant Las ltimas palabras crear ese efecto del orgasmo literario en todo mi ser Definitivamente esta saga no la le como deb en mis pocas de escolar Esta tercera entrega ofrece un giro distinto en la historia, con una ni a como figura central, conspiradores, la misteriosa figura del primer orador y la gran interrogante de D nde se ubica la Segunda Fundaci n No le otorgo 5 puntos, pues sent un tanto excesivo el uso de eso fue lo que pensaste PERO NO ES AS Un ciclo de suposici n revelaci n verd [...]

  28. As putea sa adaug o mul ime de cuvinte de apreciere ns tot ce pot s spun e c m am ndr gostit iremediabil de Asimov citindu i c r ile i volumul acesta n special.

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