Jennie Gerhardt (2021)

Jennie Gerhardt Best Download || [Theodore Dreiser] Jennie Gerhardt Best Download || [Theodore Dreiser] - Jennie Gerhardt, Jennie Gerhardt Jennie Gerhardt was Theodore Dreiser s second novel and his first true commercial success Today it is generally regarded as one of his three best novels along with Sister Carrie and An American Trage. Jennie Gerhardt Best Download || [Theodore Dreiser], Jennie Gerhardt, Theodore Dreiser, Jennie Gerhardt Jennie Gerhardt was Theodore Dreiser s second novel and his first true commercial success Today it is generally regarded as one of his three best novels along with Sister Carrie and An American Tragedy But the text of Jennie Gerhardt heretofore known to readers is quite different from the text as Dreiser originally wrote it In the tradition of the University of PennsylJennie Gerha

  • Title: Jennie Gerhardt
  • Author: Theodore Dreiser
  • ISBN: 9780812219555
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
Jennie Gerhardt

Jennie Gerhardt Jennie Gerhardt Best Download || [Theodore Dreiser] - Jennie Gerhardt, Jennie Gerhardt Jennie Gerhardt was Theodore Dreiser s second novel and his first true commercial success Today it is generally regarded as one of his three best novels along with Sister Carrie and An American Trage

  • Jennie Gerhardt Best Download || [Theodore Dreiser]
    308Theodore Dreiser
Jennie Gerhardt

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  1. Having now received an answer from Audible, I have been informed that the basis for the Blackstone audiobook is the University of Pennsylvania edition published in 1994 This edition, and thus the audiobook too, restores those portions removed from the author s text with the book s first publication by Harper Brothers in 1911 The audiobook is thus Dreiser s original text before Harper Brothers modifications Having now read three of Theodore Dreiser s novels, I am struck by the similarity of the b [...]

  2. My loins were girded I ve read Sister Carrie and books by Frank Norris and William Dean Howells, books and authors of the Realism Naturalism schools In other words, authors who show you that life is crap, people are crap and all you can expect is crap Not that the books are crap they can be very good.So in this uncharitable but realistic frame of mind I was very surprised by the curve ball Dreiser throws in Jennie Gerhardt There is not one ogre in the book nor is it a tale of a spiraling down in [...]

  3. Theodore Dreiser 1871 1945 considerado o mais influente escritor do naturalismo dos Estados Unidos N o sendo muito apreciado pelo estilo, valorizado pela constru o de personagens, que refletem o estilo de vida, na poca, da sociedade norte americana Jenny Gerhardt uma jovem que nasceu numa fam lia muito pobre bela, generosa e ing nua defeitos que a tornam uma tenta o para os homens Quase toda a sua vida um calv rio de sofrimento pela rejei o do pai pela perda dos amantes pela morte dos seres quer [...]

  4. A touching story of a girl fighting the cruelities of the American life Could not help crying in some parts Love is not just loving It is something This is what the book taught me.

  5. Jennie felt hurt through and through by this denouement, and yet as she sat there she realized that it was foolish to be angry Life was always doing this sort of a thing to her It would go on doing so She was sure of it I read Sister Carrie a few years ago, and after learning about the Gilded Age I decided to try another One of the most striking things about this book is the unfairness of life to good people Jennie is a very sweet, caring individual who works hard to please other people but see [...]

  6. Eleven years after Theodore Dreiser s first novel, the ground breaking Sister Carrie had failed to sell well because of its morally dubious central character see my review When Jennie Gerhardt was published in 1911, this time the heroine was a noble, self sacrificing soul, an innocent who stumbles into the sort of folly that respectable people who ve never known the depredations of poverty deplored She is naturally attractive to men, who don t intend to treat her badly, but her social situation [...]

  7. I haven t been this affected by the lives of fictional characters in quite a while I was genuinely worried for them, and hopeful for them, and sad for them whenever things went wrong A couple of times, I thought my heart was being ripped out There may have even been a lump in my throat once or twice And don t let this book s age deter you, either it is immensely, amazingly, surprisingly readable Of course, maybe it was just me Nope, I can t be THAT off.

  8. Although I read Sister Carrie and An American Tragedy years ago, I had never heard of this book by Dreiser until just recently I think I now know why this one has kind of been lost to time I can t remember when a book has made me so angry as I was reading it Nevertheless, I kept at it until I finished Because the title is Jennie Gerhardt , you would think that the book is about Jennie Gerhardt, that she would be the most important person in it But she isn t In fact, Jennie doesn t seem to really [...]

  9. Theodore Dreiser l nh v n hi n th c ph ph n ti u bi u c a n c M u th k 20 Jennie Gerhardt ra i n m 1911 k v nh n v t Jennie l m t c g i xu t th n ngh o kh nh ng v c ng gi u t nh y u th ng C n hi u qua v t nh h nh n c M th i k n y Cu i th k XIX, trong s c c n c c ng nghi p ti n ti n M l n c c n n kinh t ph t tri n h n c Trong 30 n m 1865 1894 , M t h ng th t v n l n h ng u th gi i v s n xu t c ng nghi p b ng 1 2 t ng s n l ng c c n c T y u v g p 2 l n n c Anh S n xu t gang, th p, m y m c chi m v [...]

  10. JENNIE GERHARDT 1911 Theodor Dreiser 1 2.In a 1911 review, H L Mancken wrote Jennie Gerhardt is the best American novel I have ever read with the lonesome but Himalayan exception of Huckleberry Finn Coming from Mencken, that is high praise indeed Jennie was Dreiser s second novel, preceded by Sister Carrie Their themes are closely related In this novel, Jennie, an eighteen year old young woman of uncommon virtue, takes on a job at a hotel as a maid, and there meets Senator Brander Brander is in [...]

  11. One of the key elements of the naturalist movement in literature was pessimism I would say that pessimism just about sums up this book I can t think when I ve been depressed by a story I wanted to reach out and slap almost every character in it I had read both An American Tragedy and Sister Carrie and liked both of those Dreiser books Maybe I am just worn out with Dreiser s continuing theme of naive pretty poor girls falling for rich men of the upper class who will never do right by them I ll g [...]

  12. Having read Dreiser s An American Tragedy and Sister Carrie from the Modern Library List, I wanted , yet feared I might be disappointed this time around Fortunately, my fears were unfounded and once again, Dreiser delivered masterfully He may be one whose complete works I d like to read.A poor young woman meets a rich senator while working at a hotel in Columbus, Ohio A relationship develops and the senator is very generous to the woman and her near destitute family Things don t turn out so well [...]

  13. O carte u ot de citit, dar mult de g ndit Despre lucrurile importante din via i cum ne afecteaz p rerea celor din jur Jennie poate fi o fiin slab n ochii cititorului, dar totu i are multe calit i de admirat, r vnite de femeile moderne.

  14. I think Dreiser is at his best when he writes about the decisions that people make and subtly shows how their lives are affected by their decisions This is also when Jennie Gerhardt is at its best.I think Dreiser is at his worst when he begins, out of nowhere, pontificating and philosophizing about these decisions This is also when Jennie Gerhardt is at its worst Another aspect of the novel that bothered me was Jennie s relationship with her daughter, Vesta I have to believe that Dreiser just di [...]

  15. C miyy t b t vl kd insanlar olduqca pis tan y r Onun yegan meyar ba qalar n dey r dir Onun yegan l s z n m hafiz hissidir Filank s z varidat n m hafiz etmi midir Filan qad n z t mizliyini saxlam m d r G r nd y kimi, ancaq, t k t k nadir adamlar b z n z m st qil r yl rini ifad etm y qabildirl r B t n varl l fasil siz sur td yeni h yat yaratmaqdan ibar t olan d nyada , havan n, suyun, torpa n, g n i n n h r eyin insan do ulmas na xidm t etdiyi bir d nyada bel bir hissin m l g lm si maraql d r T k [...]

  16. While searching the library for a small paperback I could take on my daughter s school outing a while ago, I ran across Jennie Gerhardt by Theodore Dreiser My reading taste has always been for the classics and historical novels This one is a bit of both Dreiser managed to infuriate public sensibilites of his time without as much as one curse word or love scene This is a beautiful story of a young girl whose lower class birth constantly puts a wall between who she really is and what higher class [...]

  17. E genul de carti care imi plac mult Cu multa actiune,suspans, si mai putine descrieri abundente a unor detalii nesemnificative Se citeste foarte usor , iar fiecare capitol pregateste cate ceva nou,neasteptat Pot sa zic ca m am regasit in foarte multe calitati atat negative, cat si pozitive, atat ale lui Jennie, cat si ale lui Lester Poate ca multi ar putea sa o vada pe Jennie ca pe o fiinta slaba, vulnerabila, si usor influentabila, mie insa mi a placut enorm de ea si recunosc ca anume citind ac [...]

  18. Naturalism isn t really my thing, but I decided to give this a whirl because I haven t read anything from the early 20th century in a while Well written and engaging, I couldn t put it down until the last page at which time I would have thrown it if I wasn t reading on a Kindle Overall, I liked it Even if part of me the 21st Century woman part wants to go kick the tombstone of the author That s just how dead people get through Having things thrust upon them by fate rather than have control of th [...]

  19. Reading Jennie Gerhardt just after finishing The Scarlet Letter offered me a curious insight into Theodore Dreiser s novel Nathaniel Hawthorne s book is set in the past, and it shows how a woman who gets pregnant outside marriage is ostracised by society We get a glimpse of the cruelty and unfairness that religious extremism imposes on those who offend its narrow moral codes.Jennie Gerhardt is set in much later times the turn of the nineteenth twentieth century, and the heroine is once again an [...]

  20. One of the powerful novels I have ever read Dreiser s characters are extremely well drawn and that is the strongest aspect of the novel Jennie and Lester, the main protagonists, are especially real, sympathetic, and deep Many of the secondary characters are equally engaging, especially Jennie s crusty German father A magnificent meditation on the vagaries of fate and the inescapable limits upon human freedom, due to society and birth Highly recommended.

  21. I really like Dreiser have read Sister Carrie and The Financier This book is a thoughtful, sensitive portrayal of a working class young woman who gets involved with powerful men a story of class, aspiration, frustration, injustice, social conventions, and human relationships Very readable and touching.

  22. Theodore Dreiser ego proizvedeniya na vse vremena i vsegda actualnu Dobrota i lubov prinimautsya ludmi pochti, kak dolzhnoe, no kogda prihoditsya vybirat mezhdu svoim schastiem i etim proklyatym mneniem obshestva, k sozhaleniu vyigryvaet vtoroe V itoge dlya kogo i dlya chego my prozhivaem zhizn togda

  23. This is a masterpiece by one of the greatest American novelists of all time Dreiser is often derided by other writers for the awkwardness of his prose This complaint is wildly overblown It is true that Dreiser s prose style is often plain and occasionally clunky It is also true that he sometimes interjects with half baked evolutionary and economic theories as metanarrative But bad Faulkner and bad Conrad are no less pompous and distracting than bad Dreiser Dreiser is capable of some truly beauti [...]

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