Vicious (2021)

[PDF] Read ☆ Vicious : by L.J. Shen [PDF] Read ☆ Vicious : by L.J. Shen - Vicious, Vicious EmiliaThey say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances and it s true The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares He is a brilliant lawye. [PDF] Read ☆ Vicious : by L.J. Shen, Vicious, L.J. Shen, Vicious EmiliaThey say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances and it s true The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares He is a brilliant lawyer A skilled criminal A beautiful liar A bully and a savior a monster and a lover Ten years ago he made me run away from the small town where we lived Now he came for mEmiliaThey say love an

  • Title: Vicious
  • Author: L.J. Shen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Vicious [PDF] Read ☆ Vicious : by L.J. Shen - Vicious, Vicious EmiliaThey say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances and it s true The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares He is a brilliant lawye

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Vicious : by L.J. Shen
    273L.J. Shen

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  1. 5 Stars I m a big fan of this author and since I ve read all of her books, let me tell you something Vicious is her best book to date Leigh outdid herself with this story of hate, love and obsession She managed to create such an intriguing, addictive read, blending the sweetness and sexiness perfectly I was engrossed with this story from the very beginning and I couldn t put it down for one minute It was that good Needless to say, Vicious met all my expectations I got to him He was in my veins B [...]

  2. Check out of my reviews at bookaddicthavenWhen I first started seeing the fantastic reviews for this book from all of my friends, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical After all, I was one of the oddballs that didn t love Blood to Dust like most of my friends did I wasn t sure if maybe this just wasn t the author for me Luckily for me, my curiosity won out While I may not have fallen in love with Blood to Dust , Vicious was a fantastic read for me This book had one of the biggest a holes e [...]

  3. Vicious, stand alone book 1 of X A dysfunctional hate to love saga between the prodigal son the hired help s daughter He was toxic, poison, and he was going to kill everything beautiful in my life if I let him He was the storm to my cherry blossoms Books in Sinners of Saints series are stand alones, but most enjoyed if be read in order Book 0.5 DefyBook 1 ViciousBook 2 RuckusI will write a better review with art after our Shh reading challenge is over.Vicious stand alone is a slow churning hate [...]

  4. 2 EVERYBODY LOVED IT BUT ME STARSNO IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME Basically, this was me the entire bookWell, I will freely admit that I am NOT the intended audience for this one This is very clear to me now PLEASE EXCUSE THE SPOILER RANT BELOW To say I mostly hated this book would be putting it mildly It was very Young adult with physical abuse, verbal abuse, bullying, humiliation, random sexual hookup, and revenge f cks on ex boyfriend bed and blackmailing mom and pop and not to mention threatening t [...]

  5. 5 STARSMy obsession My muse My enemy It s official L.J Shen is a witch How else could the woman possibly crawl inside my mind and create a story that seriously felt custom written for me Uber angst Check Hot alphahole hero Holy hell, CHECK A heroine that s the perfect blend of innocent but with a steel backbone Check An enemies to lovers story that left me practically salivating CHECK A sexual chemistry and a burn so good it makes you want to slap yo mama CHECK An addicting, obsessive read from [...]

  6. 5 STARS For the stuff I couldn t share on , check it out here prettymessreading.wordpress.cFinally A female writer who was able to truly capture the male asshole mind None of that cookie cutter shit you often see None of that guy gets girl and turns into a pussy shit Just pure asshole male Loved it Before we get into it.Can we talk about the fact that Vicious never did that typical rich man, poor girl shit He didn t try to take her shopping for new clothes to match his fly He didn t mind her cot [...]

  7. 4 STARSHere s the thing anybody who knows me well, knows that cold and rude jerks are my thing In fiction, of course In real life though And L.J Shen creates awesome jerk heroes.Because Vicious was VICIOUSLICIOUS Cold hearted, arrogant, mean, rude, with a fuck off vibe and a zero tolerance for anything and anybody Not one redeeming quality, except for being hot In another word Contrary to some opinions that he did not redeem himself completely, I think he redeemed himself just fine.You see, a je [...]

  8. 5 Ask me what I want STARSComing in just under the wire by just finishing this book on December 30th, this story is a last minute add to my favorite of the year s list VICIOUS This book was fantastically written, intriguing, and sexy This author NAILED the hate aspect and catapults this book with the likes of Bully and Corrupt yet she went the step further getting the full 5 Stars from me The perfection was all in the manner in which she wrote the hero Baron Vicious Spencer Vicious is broken, an [...]

  9. This is me logging in on GR to write up a review I got HOW many books to review I know, so dramatic But seriously, my currently reading folder should be renamed to review me already, slowpoke I digress All I m gonna say about this book is that it s awesome and the hero is portrayed really well He wears the douchebag badge with honor and almost until the very end Perhaps, in many ways he still remains a douche bag and that, in itself, is amazing to me because I still lurve him hard And I don t th [...]

  10. 4.5 stars This is not a relationship It s two people fucking the obsession out of each other For those of you that love a good enemies to lovers story, this book is pure gold Vicious is the best kind of asshole He and Emilia meet when they re teenagers and they have a complicated relationship Barron Vicious Spencer runs All Saints High, along with his three best friends known as the HotHoles He s the most ruthless of them all When Emilia LeBlanc moves into his family home her parents are the hir [...]

  11. 5 Stars It s no secret that I love to read about the super mean boys, and so when I realised that this book was about a hero with the nickname Vicious , I had high hopes that LJ Shen would deliver a fantastic enemies to lovers read that would tick all the boxes in what has to be one of my top themes.For me, this one had it all, it starts off at High School, and finishes years later when they are both adults Emilia is the daughter of the hired help, and Baron Vicious Spencer is the boy who, whils [...]

  12. V. PARENTAL GUIDANCE ALERT:A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but Goodreads editors won't tell you says:

    OW AND OM SPOILERS AND WARNINGS view spoiler Hero tries to sleep with another woman after he had already gotten together with h She sleeps with someone else and hero could have stopped it, but he doesn t Not enough Grovel hide spoiler For anyone who doesn t mind OW and OM this one is very hot right now on Kindle Unlimited go for it I ll pass but a lot of my friends have LOVED this book More on OW other women and OM other man Isabella s reviewChantal s reviewNote For the purpose of my reviews wha [...]

  13. VICIOUS This is the first book I ve read by this author, but by God the feels that come at you full throttle once you open that first page and inhale that first chapter are indescribable This is Spoken in Dual Perspectives and flashes from Past to Present effectively Rich boy, Poor girl The help My obsessionMy museMy enemy Aged Seventeen PAST A coming of age novel which kicks starts off in the past, ten years prior when Emilia LeBlanc s family move in to the servant s quarters of the Spencer s l [...]

  14. When her parents took a job working for the Spencer family, Emilia LeBlanc was forced to live on the same premises as one of the rudest, over privileged hot assholes at her new high school, Baron Spencer a.k.a Vicious In fact, he along with 3 of his best friends were known as the HotHoles of All Saints High They were attractive, arrogant jerks that every girl wanted and every guy wanted to be That made it all the difficult for Emilia to find friends her senior year Vicious didn t like her so th [...]

  15. My Grandma once told me that love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances.I didn t believe her until I met Baron Spencer and he became my nightmare And you had me in the first paragraph No really, I was stuck to this story from page one until the late hours of the morning Honestly, I was really hesitant to go into this because I didn t really enjoy Blood to Dust my first book by this author But thank you, Grandma She s a pretty good grandma she got me a new kindl [...]

  16. Currently on sale for 99c amzn 2jUCLYWWhat is it about L.J Shen s writing that makes me fall for these asshole Heroes I honestly don t have an answer for it but whatever it is, I love it I m a sucker for an asshole Hero but Ms Shen takes her jerks to a whole new level and somehow still makes me adore them And the best part is that she doesn t change them throughout the story They start out as jerks and they stay jerks, and I know that may sound really strange but I love it Vicious definitely had [...]

  17. Me to everything LJ Shen writes The queen of assholes is back and Vicious is the new reigning king I didn t think anything or anything could top Troy motherfucking Brennan, but my man Vic did just that Vicious ticked all my boxes enemies to lovers, angsty plot, mean boy hero, and badass slash quirky heroine LJ Shen is known for her addictive, smart, and sarcastic writing style, and though this was chock full of all of the above, Vicious was just so much I love watching these characters evolve a [...]

  18. 3 StarsThis is the opening pages in this read and I just thought I need to share I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets.In Japanese culture, the significance of the cherry blossom tree dates back hundreds of years The cherry blossom represents the fragility and magnificence of life It s a reminder of how beautiful life is, almost overwhelmingly so, but that it is also heartbreakingly short As are relationships. [...]

  19. 5, 10 or stars This is such an amazing book but it is not for everyone And Vicious this heartless and hateful bastard he is not a hero for everyoneHow can I warn you how can I explain Well, think of an as hole character you have read in romance books Now multiply it with 10That s him That s Baron Spenser, aka Vicious a very well earned nickname He can easily win this year s biggest as hole awardHe will drive you crazy with what he does and thanks to dual point of view, you will see how vicious [...]

  20. 5 Obsessed Stars I m obsessed Vicious is obsessed Emilia is obsessed WE RE ALL OBSESSED And I LOVE IT LJ Shen is who I want to be when I grow up Shhh I know I m a tad older than her but come on She seriously continues to blow me away with her words, her wit, her ability to take a story and make me believe it all and her skill as she gets better each and every time she writes a book This standalone in the Sinners of Saint Series is Ms Shen s best work yet and I am absolutely drooling for Vicious [...]

  21. Call me shallow, but I could not say no to this book cover.Vicious They are some people who are so dark inside, that sometimes you feel that they absorb all the light when they enter the room Like black holes They transform everything warm and sunny into something that resembles their misery.Our main male character is like that He has been torturing the love of his life, his favorite woman, his obsession and his savior since they were in high school Until the very end, I was not sure whether Vic [...]

  22. I wanted to melt into him, but knew better than to give in to that temptation Vicious is the first of the Sinners of Saint Series, and he is one bad boy that certainly lives up to his name This explosive contemporary romance is a dream for twisted romance fans With the over the top plot and extreme circumstances of the characters, Vicious will keep you guessing the entire read It happened I fell under Vicious is a gorgeous boy living the life many people dream of Fast friends, rocking parties, w [...]

  23. 4 Stars It was always fucking us and you know it Addictive We all know that word We say it for certain things that we find we can t do without This all consuming craving that borders on the point of insanity if you can t get your next fix This story was ADDICTIVE These characters were ADDICTIVE I was ADDICTED and I read this story so fast that my high was a crash and burn that I wasn t prepared for That s what happens when you get Shend totally made that word up This author takes you on the illu [...]

  24. I am really speechless here.I found myself repelled by the very immoral VicSo here we have this guy with an innate disrespect for women and his self indulged perception of himself You can see that in the opening pages of him practicing his demoralized treatment of the heroine and his one night stands the disdain that he showed towards his casual pick up and humiliation only reinforced the idea that THIS WAS A PLOT DEVICE DESIGNED TO WIDEN MARGINALIZATION OF WOMEN AND UNDERMINE THEIR HIERARCHY IN [...]

  25. 4.5 perfect a hole hero stars He d treated me horribly in the past, but right now he brought color into my life Vicious is the story of Emilia and Vicious In high school her parents worked for his family, and Vicious made her life a living hell Now ten years later Emilia is living in New York when Vicious approaches her and offers her a job She s not stupid, she knows there s to this offer than he says there is, but Emilia is desperate and needs the money for her and her sister.As they work tog [...]

  26. VICIOUS by L.J Shen is my first read from this author AND my first read of the year And what a read This ennemies to lovers story gave me one hell of a book hangover and I could not put it down Emilia and Baron s love story is anything but a normal or ordinary one You will love it or hate it, because there is nothing in between and at times it could be very unpleasant for some readers who do not take cold jerk hero lightly D Personally I was hooked from the very first page Full review to come

  27. 5 stars I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets Vicious by L J Shen is the first book I have read in 2017 and what a great book to start out the year with This is actually the first book I have read by this author and after having heard great things about her writing, I m pleased to say I was not disappointed I love a great enemy to lovers story, the sexual tension, the angst, the anticipation and the chemistry [...]

  28. 4 Pink Black StarsHe was perfectly imperfect Flawlessly flawed Most importantly he was Vicious.Yes to all of that This is going to be on the shorter side simply because so many wonderful reviews have already said what needs to be said The writing is superb, the story is well developed and it managed to suck me in from the very beginning The character development is deftly done and I loved how both their past and present relationship sort of unfolded over the course of the book The Vicious Help i [...]

  29. Cliff Notes Version If you love asshole heroes, you absolutely NEED to read this Don t even bother with my review, just one click it 3 3 an infinite amount of stars To say I loved this would be a HUGE understatement It was so amazing and there isn t a single thing I would change Not One Damn Thing I ve only read one other book Tyed by this author and even though I didn t write a review and I don t remember anything about it, I do know I didn t like it But I never write off an author after just o [...]

  30. A sinfully intoxicating romance If you haven t heard of L.J Shen then I m here to tell you, that you better get your one click fingers ready because Vicious is the book of 2017 that needs to be on your radar Yes, L.J Shen is a vicious woman indeed as she masterfully crafted a story that will having you begging for This book will consume you in such an insurmountable way that you will want your life to be consumed by the Four HotHoles of Todo Santos If you read the novella, Defy then you were in [...]

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