Devil's Cub (2021)

Devil's Cub Best Read || [Georgette Heyer] Devil's Cub Best Read || [Georgette Heyer] - Devil's Cub, Devil s Cub THE ABDUCTIONDominic Alistair Marquis of Vidal is a bad lot a rake and seducer reckless heedless and possessed of a murderous temper He is known by friend and foe alike as the Devil s Cub Yet as t. Devil's Cub Best Read || [Georgette Heyer], Devil's Cub, Georgette Heyer, Devil s Cub THE ABDUCTIONDominic Alistair Marquis of Vidal is a bad lot a rake and seducer reckless heedless and possessed of a murderous temper He is known by friend and foe alike as the Devil s Cub Yet as the handsome and wealthy heir to a Dukedom he is considered a good prospect on the marriage market Vidal currently has his eye on the young lovely and unintelligent SopTHE ABDUCTIONDomin

  • Title: Devil's Cub
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • ISBN: 9780099465836
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
Devil's Cub

Devil's Cub Devil's Cub Best Read || [Georgette Heyer] - Devil's Cub, Devil s Cub THE ABDUCTIONDominic Alistair Marquis of Vidal is a bad lot a rake and seducer reckless heedless and possessed of a murderous temper He is known by friend and foe alike as the Devil s Cub Yet as t

  • Devil's Cub Best Read || [Georgette Heyer]
    158Georgette Heyer
Devil's Cub

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  1. Update I found it a LOT funnier on second reading I laughed from the beginning with What have you done with the corpse, my boy Done with it WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH A CORPSE to the end Give Sophia a glass We re drinking your health IT S MARY Contains spoilers and strong language They re all mad, every one of em, That s what I thought at about 1 3 of the book, and then I decided to view this story as just a fun, silly screw ball comedy.And.I loved it When I put Devil s Cub down, I was sorry it was o [...]

  2. Mary Challoner is a practical girl She s well educated She has common sense She needs to be sensible, since her widowed mother and her lovely younger sister Sophia are so utterly bubble headed So, logically, she realizes that it s insane to get a crush on Vidal, the sexy rake who s been pursuing Sophia.Nevertheless, when Mary accidentally finds out that Vidal has convinced Sophia to run off to Paris with him in the middle of the night to begin euphemistically speaking a relationship without the [...]

  3. Okay, this isn t my favorite Heyer mainly due to the fact that I m not highly enthused by anything that takes place in France about 20 years prior to the French Revolution 1789 I m constantly distracted by the thought, Laugh it up, chuckleheads, it ll be off with your motherfuckin heads soon enough Foreknowledge kills some of my enjoyment While this book is awesome, I d recommend going with one of Heyer s Regency novels For instance, Frederica, Sylvester or Arabella Or The Corinthian You know wh [...]

  4. Written November 9, 20144 1 2 Stars Magnificently adventurous, fun and romantic in a still strong 1930 s Pre Regency Devil s Cub is an quite old romance novel from 1932 by Georgette Heyer Mrs Heyer is an British classic author that I completely missed in my earlier reading life I m so glad i found her at last From a recommendation and help from Sofia of course Thanks dear This ended in a very fun last minute weekend buddy read buddy listening with my always so sweet book loving friends Sofia, Ir [...]

  5. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell says:

    Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest Read for the Unapologetic Romance Readers Halloween 2017 Reading Challenge for the category of a romance written by an author who is dead There might not be any sex in Georgette Heyer regency romances, but man that woman can pack drama into these puppies than Julia Quinn at her most malicious DEVIL S CUB is downright soap opera ish in terms of scope and characterization.The plot is basically this hold onto your bonnets Dominic Dominique for some reason his n [...]

  6. Hoo, boy.I will start off with this thought I almost think this is a Poe It s obviously a comedy all of Heyer s romances are But is the comedy just in the supporting characters, the completely implausible plot and anachronistic contents, and the ridiculous conversations about fashions of the late 1700s Or is it also in the supposed romantic attachments portrayed in the book I want to think that Heyer s book here is a Verhoevenesque masterpiece, an explosion of the totally wacky and conflicting s [...]

  7. Mary Challoner is in a bind, she have to stop her feather brain sister from running away to Pairs and becoming the mistress of the Marquis of Vidal Knowing only one way , Mary takes her sister s place and tricks the Marquis, only her plan backfires when she s dragged along to Pairs with him Vidal can t believe his rotten luck of late, after shooting a man for calling him a cheat at cards, then having to run off to Pairs to avoid going to trial, Vidal thought getting a girl to run away with him w [...]

  8. Oh boy, I still feel lightheaded after finishing the book While I always count on Georgette Heyer to give me an entertaining read, this is beyond my expectation It s the best love hate relationship I ve read in a long time Some scenes were so freaking romantic, it still tugs at my heart What s , it s all written without so much as a kiss Yes, there s one kiss at the end, in case you wonder That s the strength of well written characters Current YA authors could learn a lesson or two from Georgett [...]

  9. Thank goodness for Mary Challoner Not my favorite Heyer heroine by any means, but at least she s a semi normal, sympathetic human being Otherwise this would ve been a dnf as I hated every single other character Especially Leonie, God, I cringed every time she was on the page She and her husband were so awful that it almost made me forgive Vidal for being such an asshole, which I guess was necessary for the romance to work.

  10. Holy Moly Georgette Heyer is brilliant, and this is one of her most famous regency novels.Itso worlds colliding One world is the over the top one of handsome, passionate cruel rakes, who love duelling, drinking, gambling, screw ok, you get the picture This is the world from which the hero, a marquis, named Dominic, hails The other is down to earth, normal practical world where someone knows the cost of a pint of milk, where to buy curtains,and has sensible bedtimes This is the world from which t [...]

  11. This is These Old Shades, the next generation Twenty five years have passed, and we re presented with Leonie and Avon s son, Lord Vidal, who has grown up to be even unpleasant than his father In the first few pages he shoots two men and brutally abducts a young woman because he has been tricked into thinking that she s not respectable Now, I enjoy a reformed rake as much as the next Regency romance fan, but there is only so much vileness that we should ask our heroine to find attractive in a ma [...]

  12. How do you review your favourite book, especially when you love it beyond all reason My love for what I think of as Georgette Heyer s masterpiece doesn t mean I would want Vidal in my own life as either a spouse or a son Vidal s fondness for solving his problems by either murdering or threatening to murder people who cross him wouldn t make him a very comfortable companion I don t see myself as the normally sensible Mary No these characters are right where I want them between the pages of a book [...]

  13. What a delightful introduction to this wonderful author I m so ashamed to have just discovered Georgette Heyer Thank you, Sofia, for bringing her books to my attention Devil s Cub has made me happy and put a wide satisfied smile on my face This kind of books is the reason I love romance genre so much I can easily put Heyer on the same level as my favourite Jane Austen or even higher still This had similar feel Written with class, propriety, wit and humour, weaved into a simple yet masterful plot [...]

  14. Another Georgian era romance The scandalous dueling rake dallies with a girl But her sister takes her place to save her honor And he kidnaps the sister to Paris And then he must marry her to save her reputation because she, unlike her sister, has upper class graces, and is therefore worthy.Okay, I think I officially have the wrong shaped brain for historical romance The hero demonstrates his willingness to strangle the heroine and I think, oh, God, she s about to mistake adrenalized terror for a [...]

  15. Reread I m not going to change my rating but I don t think I loved this as much the second time around I think in the last five years I ve become sensitive to abusive controlling behaviors and Vidal had too many qualities that now are red flags to me Also and maybe this is because I ve been reading a lot of slow burn romances lately , the love felt a little insta to me I think what I liked about this the first time so soon after reading These Old Shades , was the presence of so much of Leonie a [...]

  16. 4.5 stars Watching the devil fall for sensible Mary was delicious Loved revisiting favorite characters from the prequel, These Old Shades The sequel following after Devil s Cub is An Infamous Army, which is set at the Battle of Waterloo, starring Dominic and Mary s daughter Barbara But first, Georgette Heyer wrote The Black Moth in public domain, free She liked her anti hero so much that she used him as a model for Justin Alastair, His Grace, the Duke of Avon, the hero in These Old Shades There [...]

  17. Quite honestly, I don t think I can do this book justice Clever humor pours all through the pages of this wonderful story I spent last Sunday afternoon with a beatific smile plastered on my face laughing uncontrollably My cat, who was sleeping right next to me, was awaken several times and made me well aware with some glaring looks that I was disturbing his comfortable nap.The characters are a true delight, attaching and far from perfect, which made them even attractive to my eyes But it s the [...]

  18. Within two pages of meeting Mary she makes fun of both her mother and her suitor, and I knew right away I was going to like this girl After telling her suitor that the color he is wearing, puce, does not become him, he continues nevertheless to flatter her with favorable comparisons to her sister In my eyes, declared Joshua, you are the prettier Miss Challoner seemed to consider this Yes she said interestedly But then, you chose puce She shook her head, and it was apparent she set no store by th [...]

  19. Reading books that features beloved characters decades later is always tricky you may love it, you may hate it, or, as was my case, have mixed feelings about it.Like many, I read this for These Old Shades, whose memorable characters have stayed with me ever since But the thing is, when the parent is fabulous, one naturally expects the child to be up to the standard, and in this case, the Marquis of Vidal isn t, in my opinion I did separate him from comparisons once it became obvious that he was [...]

  20. 4.5 to Devil s Cub Spoilers I had such great expectations from this book Especially after These Old Shades It s not that I didn t like the book I did In fact I loved it But somewhere down in my heart I was comparing it all the time to TOS and unfortunately it did not catch up Firstly TOS had Avon AVON The hero I love the most My All Time Favourite Heyero And nothing compares to Avon Not even his son.Secondly, the result of the first point Avon s presence overshadowed Vidal s I don t mean that Vi [...]

  21. I m totally on a Georgette Heyer kick I love getting the perspective of what would ve really been hot during the time period I m reading about or at least 80 years ago , rather than just today s values being transposed on historical characters But so far, her stories have been interesting and don t feel dated to me Sure there s not a lot of in your face sex and debauchery, but I can t help imagining that she was quite risqu in her day All the juicy stuff is there It s just implied, and since I h [...]

  22. This is a book that is as much about the characters of a previous book These Old Shades as the current generation Child of the Macchiavellian near villain Avon and the hot headed Leone, Vidal has the best and worst of both his parents looks, skills, address, a strong lack of scruples and an overpowering temper.Although Heyer isn t actually criticising the circumstances, this is a neat illustration of the separation of women into women you can treat badly and women you treat with considerably co [...]

  23. My review is partial and prejudiced This is the sequel to These Old Shades so of course I m going to love it I wanted of Avon and Leonie in the book, though You could tell Heyer still loves them and the pages shine when they come back on stage.Dominic s an okay hero, though he s even pushy and headstrong than the norm with a pushy and headstrong hero, and he lacks Avon s polish and wit He is redeemed somewhat by his occasional charm, and his passion when it isn t overboard possessive Mary s ki [...]

  24. Eh So I did like this one a little bit better than These Old Shades There were some amusing bits which made me crack a smile Though, by page 150, I wanted to throttle everyone Well, mostly Leonie bleh, not a fan of hers The others, well, I just wanted them to stop talking so damn much They kept prattling away and, honestly, it just grated on my nerves I liked Mary Despite her poor taste in men, namely Vidal, that psycho But what do you expect from the child of a reptile Avon and a bubblehead Leo [...]

  25. This was my first book of Georgette Heyer and I wanted to read for so long time I m glad that I did Years ago, a friend of mine told me that her books are boring Because of her commend, I was little bit reluctant about author s books Fortunatelly, I like books of Miranda Davis and her reviews, and most importantly I trust her book taste After I read her a few fabolous reviews about Ms Heyer, her books became must read So here I m, very happy and very satisfied.What I like most this book about is [...]

  26. You know, if there were some way of getting rid of both Leonie and Dominic, I would be a lot happier And if the age differential weren t so great, I m sure Mary and Avon would be as well Not that Mary has much sense than Leonie she doesn t want to marry Vidal, because doing so would bring the disgraced, louche, alcoholic, gambling, murdering, childish brat down to her level despite how fluttery she feels when he acts all Dominant and Masterly towards her to which, I can only vomit , but she is [...]

  27. April 2015 Georgette Heyer Fan group read This was great fun I m not overly fond of bad boy romances, but I ll make an exception for Vidal.

  28. who are these assholes so, my first ever georgette heyer novel opens with the Devil Cub nonchalantly shooting a highway man and not bothering to inform the authorities or even pull the body from the road because he can t be bothered he s en route to My Lady s Drum ha, hah oh, Devil Cub you iconoclast and believe me, with increased exposure he doesn t become any charming an abductor, would be rapist, rage a holic bully, his only redeeming qualities are evidently the fit of his jackets and the ma [...]

  29. When the handsome but notorious Lord Vidal attempts to make the gorgeous Sophie Challoner his mistress, he gets her down to earth no nonsense sister Mary instead, as Mary bids to save her sisters reputation In doing so, she ruins her own, and so Vidal offers to marry her to save itHands down my favorite Heyer I ve read this one a few times And I m not alone I was reading it on the train the other day and a woman tapped me on the shoulder and says, I just wanted to say that you re reading my favo [...]

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