Bossman (2021)

[PDF] Bossman | by ½ Vi Keeland [PDF] Bossman | by ½ Vi Keeland - Bossman, Bossman The first time I met Chase Parker I didn t exactly make a good impression I was hiding in the bathroom hallway of a restaurant leaving a message for my best friend to save me from my awful date He o. [PDF] Bossman | by ½ Vi Keeland, Bossman, Vi Keeland, Bossman The first time I met Chase Parker I didn t exactly make a good impression I was hiding in the bathroom hallway of a restaurant leaving a message for my best friend to save me from my awful date He overheard and told me I was a bitch then proceeded to offer me some dating advice So I told him to mind his own damn business his own tall gorgeous full of himself damn busiThe first time I

  • Title: Bossman
  • Author: Vi Keeland
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Bossman [PDF] Bossman | by ½ Vi Keeland - Bossman, Bossman The first time I met Chase Parker I didn t exactly make a good impression I was hiding in the bathroom hallway of a restaurant leaving a message for my best friend to save me from my awful date He o

  • [PDF] Bossman | by ½ Vi Keeland
    456Vi Keeland

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  1. 4.5 Chase StarsI was originally going to rate this 3 stars, but upon further reflection decided to go for 4 , because, well, CHASE He really was such an engaging and dynamic character and his charismatic way of making shit up The way he relentlessly and shamelessly went after Reese I.Dug.It.There were some super fun comical momentsAnd I really liked the way the way the story ended So why not 5 stars, you say I just do not love stories with dead exes I ve said it before and I ll say it again in f [...]

  2. 1 2 Bossman stand alone Hilariously funny sexy mixture of forbidden, opposite attracts, friends to lover, pretend relationship new beginnings romance His cock was so swollen it bulged against the material making it difficult to pull down the zipper It was my turn to lick my lips Bossman stand alone opens up to Reese Annesley on yet another disastrous date calling her friend for a bail out only to be overheard by a stranger, Chase Parker aka Bossman What follows is one heck of a peculiar evening [...]

  3. BOSSMAN IS LIVE amzn 2a0FyLciBooks apple 25x2jyXBN bit 29sL4H2Kobo bit 29lW19IBOSSMAN IS LIVE amzn 2a0FyLciBooks apple 25x2jyXBN bit 29sL4H2Kobo bit 29lW19I has put the Bossman paperback on sale for 8.15 I have no idea how long it will last Bossman 8.15 amzn 2lk1cNu

  4. 4.5 Stars An office romance friends to lovers story, Bossman was such a fantastic read After reading The Baller A Down and Dirty Football Novel I was really looking forward to read this one I enjoyed that one, but I really loved Mrs Keeland s newest gem If you are fallowing my reviews, you already know that I love books that have a little bit of everything and Bossman really had every single one of the elements that makes a book a fantastic read Refreshing and entertaining, witty and emotional w [...]

  5. Fun And Flirty Office Romance This is my third book by this author, and it s my favorite so far Vi Keeland is on the way to becoming a one click author for me I absolutely adored this story It gets a solid 4 1 2 stars from me.From their very first interaction, I was hooked on Reese and Chase They had incredible chemistry, even if their first meeting was adversarial Then, what started as bitter conflict morphed into a playful banter Suddenly, instead of fighting each other, it seemed like it was [...]

  6. 5 Date Crasher STARSIt s been a long time since a CEO suit type hero has done it for me They tend to be the same old story lines with slight modifications year after year That has all changed since I ve met Chase Parker.The story is refreshing, witty, sexy, emotional, and has renewed my love in a hot BOSS hero It all starts with Chase Parker crashing our heroine, Reese Annesley s boring bind date Reese Is that you What the hell Umm yes Wow It s been a long time He patted his chest It s me, Chase [...]

  7. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED I ll change the policy From prohibited relationships to screwing in the office strongly recommended He grinned Absolutely OMG This book was awesome It was FUN, SEXY, and LIGHT HEARTED, but well balanced with angst, swoon, and great banter I was laughing from the first chapter and honestly didn t want to put it down even for a minute You could just FEEL how much the hero and heroine were drawn to each other and their forbidden office romance situation made the tension and l [...]

  8. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer says:

    5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author The sun had begun to rise, casting a golden hue across the room as Chase slowly moved in and out of me It was beautiful and tender, and I felt it in a place I never knew another human being could touch my soul.How did I not know that Vi Keeland was such a fantastic author I have only read STUCK UP SUIT, but that was a book she co wrote with Penelope Ward and it was so hard to tell if there was a difference in writing because those two ladies just mesh ex [...]

  9. Don t focus on the what IFS Focus on what IS Another fun, flirty and overall enjoyable read from Vi Keeland Even though I can t promise I will remember what this book is about in, say, a couple of months but it was a delight to read Reese and Chase Chase and Reese So this is supposed to be a forbidden office romance And it is But it was cute how these two met on multiple occasions before they ended up working together And all of those occasions were very entertaining, to say the least Both Reese [...]

  10. According to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflection SO it must capture my attention from page 1 I will continue a few chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind Review This book provided the other songs so I did not have to listen to to many songs to find the correct ones Look at the cover Drool worthy DO YOU NOT AGREE NOW LOOK CLOSELY AT THE COVER and you will note this is a dirty office Romance novel NO they do not have sex from page 1 NOPE you need to rea [...]

  11. YesYes.Finally At Last A book that I LOVED readingSSMAN, the 1st book in Vi Keeland s newest erotic contemporary Dirty Office romance series is an absolute STUNNER Yes, that s why I am doing this right now.Meet millionaire businessman, Chase Parker aka Bossman and advertising executive, Reese Annesley aka Buttercup Let me say it again I loved this book Absolutely gorgeous, stunning and beyond FABULOUS As I am still totally dazzled by Chased yes Reese tood finding it difficult to think coherently [...]

  12. OH.GOD I literally devoured this book and now my eyes are burning from too much reading cause I read the book almost all day long I couldn t stop myself I freaking loved it I highly recommend it You have to read this book You have to meet Chase freaking sexy Parker He s hot, sexy, funny, smart, romantic, sweet and I adored his smart ass mouth too As you can see list goes on and on So pls stop losing time and read this awesome book asap Oh I almost forgot to tell you his piercing and tattoo Mmm h [...]

  13. Finished Listening to the audio 9 10 17P.S How did I not realize you could listen on the web and not just an Audible app I don t usually read books right when they re released when everyone is freaking out over them, but for Chase I needed to make an exception I read the excerpt for the book and just knew that Chase Parker was going to be Hot with a capitol H And I wasn t wrong I loved this book and how intriguing it was I stayed up all night reading because I just couldn t get enough and Chase [...]

  14. 4.5 StarsImmediately, from the opening lines, Bossman had me hooked I could not wipe the silly, infatuated, smile off my face and I had the most intense case of belly flutters This book screamed, fun fun fun And for the most part it was fun, sexy, and unbelievably swoony But it was also something else, something so much It was heartfelt and really brought to life some deep feels that left me breathless.I fell in love with these characters Chase and Reese have both been through a lot in their li [...]

  15. 5 Stars Don t focus on the what ifs Focus on what is Wow This book was amazing I loved, loved, loved it It s no surprise to me that I adored this book so much considering Vi Keeland is one of my all time favourite authors Her books are always fun, sexy and easy going with a hint of emotional undertones I was so excited to find Vi was releasing another book and when I saw the cover I was sold I am completely attracted to men with piercings and the cover showcased the epitome of everything I love [...]

  16. I couldn t remember ever wanting another man as badly as I wanted Chase For a while, I d thought it was because he was my boss that exciting feeling of being tempted by the forbidden But I knew it was than that So much , it scared the hell out of me 4.5 Stars Chase Parker is so delicious I mean, Bossman The story pIt s my second time to read a Vi Keeland book and I must say this was better than the first book I ve read which was The Baller A Down and Dirty Football Novel I needed a fun, flirty, [...]

  17. Audiobook review Alright, ladies and gents I get why people love this book so much Chase is sexy as sin and with a fantastic sense of humor His first meeting Reese is about as epic as it can get I really liked the guy Reese is trying to figure her life out and though she takes some time to do so, I liked her approach and how she wanted to learn from past mistakes These two are ridiculously sexy The sexual tension and build up was executed flawlessly Where this fell short for me personally was in [...]

  18. 3 Big Boss Stars So we re good I apologize, you accept You re going to kick ass in the interview and get hired, then I m going to try to get in your pants, and you re not going to let me That about sums it up.I realize my opinion may be an unpopular onebut I didn t love Bossman I certainly liked it At times I was even mildly amused by it I just didn t feel that yummy zing I was expecting while I was reading it Chase won me over almost immediately with his witty Josh Duhamelness yep, I m making t [...]

  19. 5 Made up Stories Stars I loved this I loved every word in this book I have to say, I put Bossman on my TBR list because, first THAT COVER Yes, not sorry to say that at all The man is sex on legs Second, I enjoyed quite a lot of books by this author Still, I was extremely cautious about it because my last read by hers was The Baller and it left me with bittersweet feelings But, luckily, this was not the case Bossman is, simply, perfect Bossman is a stand alone novel written by Vi Keeland and it [...]

  20. I finished with a goofy smile on my face.Well, I have to say romance writers have really stepped up to the plate with book covers lately I mean look at the cover for Bossman HUBBA HUBBA It s definitely one of those covers that you have to study really, really close up to appreciate all the goodness He s wearing jewellery and it s distracting I can t seem to take my eyes away from it Now me, I m fascinated with the visual aspect of body piercing In reality, I think it would freak me out They re a [...]

  21. Genre Contemporary RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person DualRating Reese Annesley was on a boring date when a sexy, cocky stranger swoop in and saved the night Since then he had been invading her mind and fantasy but never thought further about it until he ended up being her new boss.Chase Parker was a self made man His intelligence and good looks could make any woman drop their panties Unfortunately for him, the panties he wanted the most was trying to run from him as far as possible.Let me b [...]

  22. 4.5 When Everything Just Works Stars 1 2Kudos to Vi Keeland for putting together a smart, witty, sexy and most importantly, thoughtful book with BossMan There were so many ways this story could have gone off trackt with the careful crafting and humor, it stayed focused on the importance of that indescribable connection to the one person you feel free enough to love completely.Chase Parker has experienced the good and horrific in his young life He has risen to the top of his field as a self made [...]

  23. 4.5 Sexy Bossman StarsGenre Contemporary RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person Dual Don t focus on the what ifs Focus on what is Reese Annesley was afraid to get in a seriously relationship she just never got lucky enough to find the right partner So she decides to go on a date spree lol While on a date which was truly boring she encounters this strange he was hot and funny who saves her from that boring date Little did Reese knows that fate will put him in her path soon enough where he eventua [...]

  24. Delightfully fun, addictingly sexy Bossman is a perfect blend of wit, humor and sultriness all wrapped up in a dirty office romance that will touch your heart and make it swoon.One could say Reese Annelsey hasn t had the best of luck lately She needs to find a job ASAP and is in a dating rut Her current date being so bad she s hoping a fake friend emergency will get her out of it But the obnoxious, gorgeous stranger who just a few minutes ago called her on the uninspired excuse in the hallway ha [...]

  25. Don t focus on the what ifs Focus on the what is Should you be thankful when a handsome guy who calls you rude for wanting to ditch your boring date crashes said date and makes it infinitely entertaining What if a month later, you bump into the same guy again and again Yes Because that s what exactly happens to Reese Annesley.Reese is sending her best friend a voice mail to bail her out of a date when Chase Parker overhears her and calls her rude for wanting to bail on said date When Reese gets [...]

  26. FIVE STARS Totally delicious The PERFECT read Instead of writing a long review about how fabulous Bossman is, I simply have two words for you Chase Parker Wanna laugh Wanna dream Wanna get excited Chase Parker Buy this book for you, and buy extra copies for everyone you know, because this amount of awesomeness will get you a lot of love fromAnyone who reads it They will love you forever, and you will forever love, Chase Parker.

  27. Chase Parker You are quite literally one of the most perfect male characters I have ever read If he was real I would be stalking him to be my bestie He is hilarious and from the beginning I knew he would be the fantastic Who doesn t love a bit of an asshole in their men Chase and Reese meet one night at restaurant She is standing out side the bathroom leaving a message for her friend, begging her to call and rescue her from a horrible date Chase is on his phone and completely calls her out on he [...]

  28. 4,5 Bossman is Fuckable But I fucking love smelling you on me This was a pretty enjoyable reading There were a lot of things that I liked about this book but there were a couple that kept from absolutely loving it.Let s get startedOne of my favorite things in this book wasYes you guessed itCHASE He was absolutelyAnd left wet panties aroundHe was a great hero and I wanted to lick, bite, kiss him everywhere but mostlyHe was AMAZING Funny, HOT, possessive, HOT, smart, hot crazy with his stories and [...]

  29. 4,5 FUNNY STARS I was excited to read Bossman My instincts were saying that this is going to be a great read And yes it reached my expectations Chase is fantastic He is so yummy, I love his dirty mouth and everything about him.He is smart, funny, super hot and sweet Reese is perfect for him with her feisty and smart personality.They are hilarious together and there are some really hot moments between them I love their chemistry it is one of the best parts to the story I was the balance to his un [...]

  30. You re right I do want what I don t have That s part of it But not in the way you think Don t ask me to explain it, but when I m around you, I m happy That s all I m after There goes my heart again The author once again blew my mind with this wonderful story I felt like I lost than a piece of my heart somewhere in the book while reading this Honestly, when the book was so good like this, it s always difficult for me to put my feelings into the right words and express exactly how I feel about it [...]

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