La Vengeance des mères (2021)

[PDF] La Vengeance des mères | by ñ Jim Fergus Jean-Luc Piningre [PDF] La Vengeance des mères | by ñ Jim Fergus Jean-Luc Piningre - La Vengeance des mères, La Vengeance des m res The stunning sequel to the awarding winning novel One Thousand White Women March My name is Meggie Kelly and I take up this pencil with my twin sister Susie We have nothing left less than nothi. [PDF] La Vengeance des mères | by ñ Jim Fergus Jean-Luc Piningre, La Vengeance des mères, Jim Fergus Jean-Luc Piningre, La Vengeance des m res The stunning sequel to the awarding winning novel One Thousand White Women March My name is Meggie Kelly and I take up this pencil with my twin sister Susie We have nothing left less than nothing The village of our People has been destroyed all our possessions burned our friends butchered by the soldiers our baby daughters gone frozen to death on an ungodly trThe

  • Title: La Vengeance des mères
  • Author: Jim Fergus Jean-Luc Piningre
  • ISBN: 9782749143293
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover
La Vengeance des mères

La Vengeance des mères [PDF] La Vengeance des mères | by ñ Jim Fergus Jean-Luc Piningre - La Vengeance des mères, La Vengeance des m res The stunning sequel to the awarding winning novel One Thousand White Women March My name is Meggie Kelly and I take up this pencil with my twin sister Susie We have nothing left less than nothi

  • [PDF] La Vengeance des mères | by ñ Jim Fergus Jean-Luc Piningre
    150Jim Fergus Jean-Luc Piningre
La Vengeance des mères

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  1. I truly liked this fictitious novel chronically done through jounel entries of the trials of white women who were pledged into the service of marrying Indians in order to pay their debt to society The story was harrowing and a total page turner for this reader.As the journals are read, we are introduced to a cast of women who certainly are courageous, endearing to one another, and determined to protect the Indians who have been so grossly mistreated by our government The time period of the late [...]

  2. SPOILERS AHEAD and Major rant ahead The long awaited sequel to One Thousand White Women, Jim Fergus immediately picks up his latest book where the first one ended, so make sure you read it first.The premise of the novel is based on historical speculation rather than any concrete proof just go on the internet to see the great debate that has emerged based on these books Apparently, Fergus stumbled upon a story that the US government agreed to provide a program of one thousand white women to inter [...]

  3. I received this via Giveaways in an exchange for an honest review All my opinions are my own A bunch of these I won decided to come in at the same time haha Cover of my ARC different from what pictured on GR.Still good cover, but like the other better Random musings This was an easier read than the first book in some ways the first book wasn t bad or anything see my review for it but there was a heaviness to it that wasn t as present in this one Yes the subject matter and situations were the sam [...]

  4. Prisoners, people from insane asylums and people of questionable character chose to participate in the brides program started by the U.S government in the mid 1800 s to civilize the Indians These women were to marry the braves Problem was the government decided to end the program pretty suddenly This book is based on several journals that really existed, written by several of the brides about their harrowing experiences This free Giveaway was extremely exciting, with lots of very savy, strong, b [...]

  5. Men may be the warriors but there is nothing so powerful as the vengeance of a mother who has lost her child to violence Having survived the bloody Mackenzie massacre that killed so many, Meggie and Susie Kelly, who s babies froze from the cold, are out to punish any and all in revenge for their babies They were part of a contingent of women sent to marry into the Cheyenne tribe in hopes of civilizing the Natives What they found instead was a love for the people and their culture A new group of [...]

  6. I went into this book blind and knowing nothing about One Thousand White Women Actually, I didn t even know the book existed There is a part of me that wished that I had read One Thousand White Women before reading The Vengeance of Mothers I could have gotten a better understanding of the women who survived the massacre.Saying that I enjoyed the book The format that it was written in, journal style, was different I can count on one hand how many books were written in this format that I actually [...]

  7. I really enjoyed this sequel to One Thousand White Women It picks up as the first one leaves off This author obviously has taken liberties with history and supposes that the US government trades one thousand white women for Indians Women, mostly from dregs of society, volunteer to go in hopes of improving their plight Most of our women volunteers find a better life with the Cheyenne except for the efforts of the US army to kill them In this sequel, a few of our characters from book 1 seek vengea [...]

  8. When I heard that Jim Fergus had written a sequel to One Thousand White Women, a book that I read twice, I rushed to get it THE VENGEANCE OF MOTHERS follows some of the same women from OTWW, volunteers in the U.S Government s Brides for Indians program, as well as a new group who arrive after the program has been terminated and are left in limbo Reacting to the horrendous massacre which ended OTWW, the survivors mourning friends, husbands, and especially children, vow vengeance on the Army and e [...]

  9. I won this Free book from First Reads Thank you for sending me such an interesting book.In 1873 the US Government gathered up 1000 white women from jails, asylums, and brothels and escorted them to the Cheyennes in Southeastern Montana in exchange for 300 horses.In the story the author brings to life from the journals of May Dodd the everyday happenings with the Indians and the white women He had a sensitive way of describing the emotions of the women.An excellent book I recommend it to all love [...]

  10. Jim Fergus s One Thousand White Women began the story of the Brides for Indians program, where women who were the outcasts of white society fallen women, the insane, criminals, women considered unmarriageable in normal white society at the time volunteered to marry into the Cheyenne They were expected to bear children of mixed Cheyenne and white blood, children who could tread both worlds and who could ease the Cheyenne s way into white American culture Many of these women fell in love with thei [...]

  11. Genre Historical FictionPub Date September, 12, 2017Publisher St Martin s PressWhen I read this historical novel I wasn t aware that it is a sequel I did have the feeling that I was missing the first part, but I wasn t at all confused, meaning one can read it alone Set in the 1800 s the book begins with the journals of two sisters, the Kelly twins, who were part of the Wives for Indians Program that sent undesirable women from prisons and asylums to marry Native Americans of the Cheyenne Nation [...]

  12. The Vengeance of Mothers is the second book in the One Thousand White Women series Reading the first book years ago it was great to see an update on the characters I met in the first book These are the The Journals of Margaret Kelly Molly McGill Everyone has a story to tell and this is the voice of the women who participated in the government s Brides for Indians program in 1873 Some are running from the law or fallen women,some coming from broken abusive homes these women thought it was a chanc [...]

  13. The Vengeance of Mothers by Jim Fergus continues the adventure that left us hanging in One Thousand White Women Historical fiction meets mystic lore in this engrossing continuation about the women we loved in book one.If you haven t read One Thousand White Women, I highly suggest it because you get May s point of view and it s a really good book It s possible to read The Vengeance of Mothers as a standalone because plot points and situations are rehashed from book one This is helpful for those w [...]

  14. It s the 1870s and the United States Government has made an agreement with the Cheyenne 1000 white women as brides in exchange for 300 horses A secret program, this exchange takes place right before the end of the American Indian War One of the biggest shames of our nation s past.The Vengeance of Mothers by Jim Fergus is the journals of Margaret Kelly and Molly McGill, two participants in the program These women come from the ranks of prisoners, prostitutes, lunatics and actresses that make up t [...]

  15. I loved One Thousand White Women by this author, so was eager to read This book follows OTWW, and it s quite enjoyablerhaps a 3.5 than a solid 4 for me The story is told through the journals of 2 of these white women who were brought to the plains to intermarry with the Cherokee and Lakota, via the U.S Government The program has been kept fairly secret from U.S citizens, and has now been ceased Most of the women, being from asylums, brothels, prisons, etc have found community, marriage, mother [...]

  16. I loved this book maybe not quite as much as One Thousand White Women which I read twice It certainly makes one think about the manner in which the United States treated Native Americans A blight on our history much like slavery.

  17. Loved the prequel to this bookOne Thousand White Women This book was almost as good Felt by the way this ended there will be another book to come Loved the characters, the names, and quick moving story.

  18. This is a very interesting book It is about the U.S government program to send white women to be brides for Indians in the late 1870 s It was considered a failed program This group of women was made up with a woman convicted of murder, a woman from a mental institution and a lady from society, along with a few others The book is written as a diary belonging to two of the ladies They go through many hardships and heartaches But they form beautiful friendships too Parts of the book are hard to fol [...]

  19. It was in 1998 when I first came across One Thousand White Women, the first in a planned trilogy.I inhaled that novel and have spent years pining for the next installment One does not have to read the first in order to appreciate the second in the series, but it provides so much background that I feel it would do an injustice to appreciating the whole context The first novel described the mail order bride barter system where the government exchanged 1000 white woman to interbreed with the Cheyen [...]

  20. I quite enjoyed One Thousand White Women, but, sadly, I didn t get on with the sequel quite as well I m not a fan of the journal style of fiction writing, but I found May Dodd to be a much stronger, relatable voice than the Kelly sisters in The Vengeance of Mothers That being said, both of these books feature strong women, struggling to survive within society, and then taking on the role of wives to Cheyenne men The best historical fiction, in my view, is that which takes a historical event, and [...]

  21. Voil presque deux mois que je n avais pas touch un livre Ce tome est moins riche en d tail historique que le premier, je le trouve l g rement en deca du pr c dent Mais cela reste un tr s bon livre, bien crit et int ressant.

  22. I received this book as an ARC in a giveaway My opinion is my own To start, I might have liked this better if I d re read One Thousand White Womenbefore I read this novel There are constant callbacks to that novel, and while some of it is explained, a lot of it isn t, so if you re picking up this book either before you ve read the first, or it s been awhile, prepare to be confused The story has two three narrators The Kelly Sister, Meggie and Susie, who were in the first novel, and a new charact [...]

  23. In The Vengeance of Mothers, we read the journals of women and their times living with Native Americans It is a turbulent time when the Army is venturing west to expand the US territory This sequel to Fergus earlier book continues the story, and it will make sense if they re read in order.I liked the interplay of the journals from the two points of view, and although I doubt much of the phrasing would have been written at the time, the manner in which Fergus chose to present it makes it easy to [...]

  24. This was a book I received as a free giveaway but was already on my to read list because I enjoyed his first book so much This book is a continuation of the first where white women were part of a government program, sent as brides to the Cheyenne to assimilate the Indians to the ways of white people This story is of a small, second group of woman who become part of the program which becomes debunk while they are on the way to the Fort from which they will go to meet the Indians Their train is at [...]

  25. Thank you netgalley for my review copy of this book I just recently read One Thousand White Women and I enjoyed both of these stories The Vengeance of Mothers is the follow up to One Thousand White Women and is told from the point of view of the Kelly sisters After the failure of the Brides for Indians program the Kelly sisters are out for vengeance for the death of their infant babies.The journals that were begun by May Dodd when the first group of white women were sent to the Brides for Indian [...]

  26. The Vengeance of Mothers was a disappointing read The author s previous novel, One Thousand White Women, is one of my favorite books and his current work is merely a poor and unoriginal duplication replete with stereotypes, moral lessons and verbal anachronisms In addition, the story abruptly and unexpectedly ends I promptly turned the pages looking for the next chapter, but there was none to be had Granted, the pretext was the brides had exhausted their paper supply and could not continue writi [...]

  27. This is an excellent sequesl to One Thousand White Women Its a book that I can t put down As well written as the One Thousand giving an amazing insight into the life and times of the Plains Indians at the hands of US Army Thoroughly recommend and look forward to books by this author.

  28. One Thousand White Women stands out as one of the most memorable titles from our book club selections over the past several years so I was very excited to learn that the story would be continued in The Vengeance of Mothers Both novels involve the Brides for Indians program where 1000 white women were sent to become brides to the Cheyenne nation The Vengeance of Mothers is not so much a sequel, as I believe it could be read independently, but of a continuation of the story It introduces new memo [...]

  29. Cette fois encore, Jim Fergus m a transport chez les Cheyennes dans les ann es 1870 J ai ador retrouver certains personnages de Mille femmes blanches et d couvrir la suite de leurs aventures tout en rencontrant de nouvelles t tes qui viennent enrichir l intrigue Petits b mols j ai ressenti moins d motions avec cet opus et j ai trouv la fin un peu trop ouverte

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