Deacon Locke Went to Prom (2021)

Free Read Deacon Locke Went to Prom - by Brian Katcher Free Read Deacon Locke Went to Prom - by Brian Katcher - Deacon Locke Went to Prom, Deacon Locke Went to Prom Promposals are taking over Deacon Locke s high school and there is no place left to hide But even with graduation looming shy and unusually tall Deacon doesn t think he can get up the nerve to ask an. Free Read Deacon Locke Went to Prom - by Brian Katcher, Deacon Locke Went to Prom, Brian Katcher, Deacon Locke Went to Prom Promposals are taking over Deacon Locke s high school and there is no place left to hide But even with graduation looming shy and unusually tall Deacon doesn t think he can get up the nerve to ask anyone to the dance Especially given all the theatrics It isn t until Deacon confides in his witty and outgoing best friend Jean that he realizes she could be a great person tP

  • Title: Deacon Locke Went to Prom
  • Author: Brian Katcher
  • ISBN: 9780062422545
  • Page: 361
  • Format: ebook
Deacon Locke Went to Prom

Deacon Locke Went to Prom Free Read Deacon Locke Went to Prom - by Brian Katcher - Deacon Locke Went to Prom, Deacon Locke Went to Prom Promposals are taking over Deacon Locke s high school and there is no place left to hide But even with graduation looming shy and unusually tall Deacon doesn t think he can get up the nerve to ask an

  • Free Read Deacon Locke Went to Prom - by Brian Katcher
    361Brian Katcher
Deacon Locke Went to Prom

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  1. The first part of this book totally gets 5 stars It was hilarious and adorable, but I just wasn t into the second half Deacon Locke is socially awkward, almost 7 feet tall, and lives with his grandma because his dad fled the country to avoid loan sharks Deacon considers his grandma one of his closest friends, so he takes her to prom and genuinely has a good time The first part of the book is mostly him going to dance classes with his grandma, where he meets Soraya, the girl of his dreams So afte [...]

  2. I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss Like the universe, my future is limitless And like the universe, my future is mostly uncharted and kind of scary This was a YA contemporary story about a boy who took his grandmother to prom.Deacon was an okay character, he wasn t very confident when it came to girls and I understood how nervous he got when it came to asking one to prom The storyline in this was about Deacon taking his Grandma to prom because [...]

  3. Ich habe schon Ana und Zak von Brian Katcher so absolut gefeiert Daher war der neueste Streich von Brian Katcher ein Muss f r mich Und dank dem dtv Verlag durfte ich dieses tolle Buch schon vor Weihnachten lesen Aber heute erscheint endlich Ich, Jean und die Nacht meines Lebens und ich kann Euch an meiner Begeisterung teilhaben lassen Deacon erz hlt die Geschichte aus der Ich Perspektive Er spricht den Leser an wie einen guten Freund und teilt uns seine oft unfreiwillig komischen Gedanken mit De [...]

  4. Before this book, I had never heard of Brian Katcher And honestly I feel like his book must be ridiculously underrated This book, at first, comes across as if it will be some funny story of a teen boy going to his first prom While it is that, it s also a lot than that I really want to talk about the Muslim love interest, Soraya who I loved and is a TOTAL badass, but I ve decided not to say a ton, just because of some backlash and accusations I ve received on Twitter for stating opinions before [...]

  5. I got to 35% and then I just gave up When I started this book at 2.30 am I couldn t sleep it was funny, hilarious, and I really liked it But during the day, when I read parts of it, I just couldn t understand why I had liked it Deacon is annoying, cringey, bleh and I was just so frustrated with how he acted I would much rather have a book about Elijah, he is interesting and fun Or maybe about Jean, the grandma Even she has interesting things to talk about than Deacon does.I just can t see mysel [...]

  6. You know, even when you consider an author your friend, and you both write for the same website, you just don t read a book and expect to see your name and the names of other FYA ladies used for exuberant internet commenters DThis is a cute story about an awkward high schooler who takes his grandmother to prom, gets the courage to go out with someone closer to his own age, and stumbles into accidental fame Katcher s sense of humor is the best part about this book, especially in the form of Elija [...]

  7. Graded By JennieCover Story Puttin On The RitzBFF Charm Let Me Love YouSwoonworthy Scale 5Talky Talk I Came, I Danced, I Went ViralBonus Factors Kick Ass Gram, Internet FameRelationship Status Drinking BuddyRead the full book report here.

  8. ARC Kindly provided by Katherine Tegen Books thru Edelweiss for review Deacon Locke is probably one of the awkward est but cutest characters I ve ever encountered and his story is as well one of the cutest simplest story I ve read this year Deacon Locke Went To Prom is a story about a shy guy who decided to bring his grandma to his prom and ended up being instantly internet famous Ohhh, yes, that quick This is not the first insta internet famous story I ve read There are several YA books with th [...]

  9. Quintessential Katcher Quippy protagonist Quirky characters and conflicts Quality ideasQuick, optimistic read Quibbling reviewersDeacon, the main character, is remarkably blas about all sorts of social pitfalls, yet ridiculously insecure about other interactions This level headed attitude and anxiety prone behavior combine to make Deacon a believable guy I am also fond of the side characters Each member of the supporting cast is distinct from the others, shaping and supporting the main character [...]

  10. I absolutely love the premise of this book for many reasons but the biggest one is that everyone can relate to Prom If you are young, you either can t wait to go or you are dreading it Everyone who is post Prom age has a Prom story either why you didn t go to Prom, what your dress looked like, how hard you partied, what went wrong, etc Personally, I think about Prom at least 8 months out of every year because I am the Prom co sponsor at the school where I teach So, other than the fact that this [...]

  11. Such a fun read Katcher continues to bring humor and life together in a way to keep a reader wanting to turn pages I loved the comments at the end of chapter, putting into print what my mind was saying That s like having a friend finish your sentence and then laugh because of the special connection The serious side is not heavy handed Any group wanting to use this book for shared reading or book discussion groups will find much to discuss Recommended for all secondary school libraries Can t wait [...]

  12. Deacon Locke does go to prom in this book, but he does so much He comes of age, falls in love, learns to reach farther than he thought he could, and will touch your heart At times funny, touching, and profound, Deacon Locke is one of the most appealing 18 year olds I ve met in a long long time You should definitely go to prom with Deacon.

  13. This was so cute And set in Fayetteville, Arkansas, so I loved seeing all the Arkansas stuff mentioned.I will admit that I was a little bummed when I saw the names of all the FYA girls as Internet commenters and didn t see mine but Rosemary made her appearance there at the end and I let out a tiny fist pump

  14. Brian Katcher has created a YA novel that accurately depicts the reality of social media, racism, and living with a grandparent Throw in some humor and awkward Senior moments, and you get a clever, fun novel

  15. Full disclosure I am one of Brian s CP s and read early drafts of the first half of this story but had to wait for the finished book to read the ending, which was torture I loved the final product.Brian s ability to create lovable and quirky characters, treated with humor and compassion, is on full display in this feel good coming of age story My favorite part of this story is Deacon s relationship with his grandmother, who is also his guardian, and how both deal with the progression of her earl [...]

  16. teen fiction awkward teen makes friends, meets girl of his dreams who happens to be Muslim , and deals with unexpected fame in Fayetteville, Arkansas, among other things Charming characters and a lot of zinging humor.From Stonewall winning author of Almost Perfect about a boy falling in love with a trans girl in Missouri, though the original synopsis written by the publisher is off putting and the author advises ignoring that to the extent possible.

  17. Deacon Locke Went to Prom by Brian Katcher was somewhat different from many young adult novels Even though there are YA novels that have a male protagonist, many of the ones I read and review on a regular basis have a female main character It was also interesting to see the angst and lack of self confidence of a teen boy whom others see as good looking and capable of popularity.Deacon starts the novel with two friends, both of whom are girls his eating and studying partner Kelly and his grandmot [...]

  18. Such a cute book I loved the subtle narration in the background It was kind of like the voice in Kevin Arnold s head in the Wonder Years A sweet story about a kid who wants to become a man and then realizes he really was a man to start with.

  19. I appreciate how true to life it is, everything is entirely plausible and not an idealized version of life.

  20. Katcher does not disappoint This story is both humorous and heartwarming I loved it There s so many good things about this book, I don t know where to begin, so all I ll say is Read it

  21. Brian Katcher is one of my critique partners and I was privileged to see parts of this book in the formative stages, when I enjoyed it very much I enjoyed it even in its final form This is a madcap romp through the life of a young man with a good heart who is nonetheless pretty much clueless about, well, everything This is his coming of age, brought about courtesy of social media bullying, reality TV, bigotry, and mental health issues And despite the heavy topics in that list, the book is fille [...]

  22. I loved this one from the first moments This dude, this shy tall awkward dude, takes his grandma to prom And then stuff happens that he so does not expect and his whole life changes And how does he deal with this Read the book I loved it.

  23. Reading Challenge 2017 Book with a title that s a character s name Brian Katcher does it again Deacon Locke is a tall, tall, tall student who has no self confidence when it comes to people His senior prom is approaching and he does not have a date When he discovers his grandmother Jean never went to her prom, due to her husband being in Vietnam, he asks her to attend with him That is a turning point for his life They take dancing lessons at the YMCA, where he meets his soon to be girlfriend, Sor [...]

  24. Full disclosure I was one of the beta readers for early drafts of this book I enjoyed it enough to read the final version once it was released.Deacon is a sweet, if sometimes clueless, high school senior He lived an unsettled life to put it mildly with a father who is out of the picture by the time the story begins Only in the last couple of years has Deacon found any kind of stability, living with his grandmother, Jean, in Fayetteville, Arkansas As senior prom approaches, Deacon decides he d li [...]

  25. A quirky young adult tale of Deacon Locke, high school, and young love I won an uncorrected proof advanced reading copy of this book during a giveaway I am under no obligation to leave a review or rating and do so voluntarily So that others may also enjoy this book, I am donating it to a library.

  26. This book was adorable The main character was so relatable and awkward I loved it The parts with Deacon s grandmother were also relatable, I think that is something many of us have gone through or will have to go through at some point in our lives Highly recommended.

  27. Deacon hat wenig Freunde und ist total sch chtern Ein Date f r seinen Prom zu finden erscheint ihm wie eine un berwindbare Aufgabe Und gerade als er seine beste Freundin einladen m chte, kommt ihm jemand zuvor Kurzerhand beschlie t er seine Gro mutter einzuladen, denn diese konnte ihren eigenen Prom nie besuchen, da ihr Mann damals in den Krieg eingezogen wurde Diese Geschichte hat mich damals vom Klappentext her so begeistert, dass ich sie unbedingt lesen wollte Und die erste H lfte des Buches [...]

  28. Firstly, this story It s cute Plain and simple A shy guy who can t seem to get a date decides to take his grandma to the prom, accidentally becomes internet famous and then has to deal with the problems his fame brings It is also very coming of age in the way he has to decide what he wants for his life, but also the fear of how he learn to manage the responsibilities of being an adult As a character, Deacon is effortlessly humorous, even though he is not a joker like Elijah And his counterpart, [...]

  29. What do you do when you re too terrified to ask a girl to prom You take your spunky grandmother instead Deacon Locke has lived with his grandmother, Jean, since his dad ran away to Amsterdam to escape some bookies Deacon and Jean make a pretty great team, and they have plenty of fun together, so after several promposals derail Deacon s plans to take a classmate to prom, Deacon decides to ask Jean to prom instead After all, Jean didn t get a chance to attend her own prom because her husband was f [...]

  30. Deacon Locke is a shy, socially awkward teenage boy whose prom is approaching He realizes, after much agonizing, that he would much rather go to prom with his best friend Jean than any other girl he knows Jean just happens to be his grandmother who missed out on her own high school prom I enjoyed the first half of this book much than the second half Deacon and his grandmother sign up for dance lessons where he finally meets a girl he truly likes I enjoyed the different characters in this book b [...]

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