Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama (2021)

[PDF] Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama | by ò David J. Garrow [PDF] Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama | by ò David J. Garrow - Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, Rising Star The Making of Barack Obama Rising Star is the definitive account of Barack Obama s formative years that made him the man who became the forty fourth president of the United States from the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Beari. [PDF] Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama | by ò David J. Garrow, Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, David J. Garrow, Rising Star The Making of Barack Obama Rising Star is the definitive account of Barack Obama s formative years that made him the man who became the forty fourth president of the United States from the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Bearing the CrossBarack Obama s speech at the Democratic National Convention instantly catapulted him into the national spotlight and led to his election four y

  • Title: Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama
  • Author: David J. Garrow
  • ISBN: 9780062641854
  • Page: 185
  • Format: ebook
Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama

Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama [PDF] Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama | by ò David J. Garrow - Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, Rising Star The Making of Barack Obama Rising Star is the definitive account of Barack Obama s formative years that made him the man who became the forty fourth president of the United States from the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Beari Rising Star Start as a lowly busker and work your way up to a global mega star Earn STARBITS by completing missions and trade or use them to purchase cards to progress your music career Win prizes, earn REAL MONEY and listen to independent music Join our Discord to find out . Rising Star Games Sep , Are you a developer or publisher based in Japan and want to cooperate with Rising Star Games Rising Star franchise Rising Star is an international singing reality competition television franchise based on the Israeli singing reality competition television series HaKokhav HaBa meaning The next star Hebrew which is produced by Keshet Broadcasting Ltd.The program format lets viewers vote for contestants via mobile apps.It has become a rival to the Idols franchise, The Voice and The X Rising Star Casino Resort Rising Sun IN Casino, Hotel Nov , THURSDAY THRU SUNDAY Ends January nd Ben s Bistro Kids are Special at Rising Star Casino Who doesn t like Chicken Tenders Cookies Rising Star Coffee Roasters Buy Coffee Online Cleveland You are a coffee lover You love Rising Star Coffee Here is your chance to enjoy new and exciting coffees every month delivered right to your door Select from one or two pound monthly subscriptions Shop Subscriptions CityWalk s Rising Star Universal CityW alk Orlando CityWalk s Rising Star Skip to Main Content Exposure to COVID is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit. Rising Star France Wikipdia Rising Star est une mission de tlvision franaise de tl crochet musical o les tlspectateurs deviennent jurs part entire Elle est base sur le concept isralien homonyme. Retransmise en direct du plateau n o de la Cit du cinma Saint Denis, la premire saison de Rising Star a t diffuse sur M du septembre au novembre Welcome to Rising Star, Texas A Small Town With a Big The City of Rising Star has transitioned to a new credit card platform which will allow customers to pay their City of Rising Star Utility bills online and also pay Municipal Court citations The new platform will create a new credit card service fee to the customer and is set by the new provider The fee when paying online will be .% with a Halyna Hutchins Rising Star Cinematographer Killed on Oct , The loss of Hutchins, a rising star in a male dominated field, is a major loss in cinematography In Hollywood, female cinematographers are rare In , Rachel Morrisson became the first and only female cinematographer to be nominated for an Oscar, for her work on Mudbound. RISING STAR PROMOTION Rising Star Promotions was the only school that was ahead of the curve on the sergeant exam with our Crime Complaint Reporting System Reference Guide Then again on the lieutenant exam by providing our students leadership scenario material questions We were out front again for the lieutenant exam by giving our students every

  • [PDF] Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama | by ò David J. Garrow
    185David J. Garrow
Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama

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  1. This book, Rising Star The Making of Barack Obama by Dr David Garrow, is difficult for me to write about At 1,472 pages including a couple hundred pages of source notes , this book was a behemoth and quite dense although extremely well researched and documented In an interview with Dr Garrow, he stated that he spent 9 years conducting interviews and researching the material for this biography of Barack Obama Although the book seemed at times overly detailed, I admit that I am in awe of Dr Garrow [...]

  2. The New York Times book review described Rising Star as tedious bloated I agree 100% Rising Star The Making of Barack Obama is a mammoth endeavor This book is very,very,very long and to make matters worse I didn t learn anything important that I didn t already know This book could ve really used a editor Badly You would think at well over 1000 pages you would learn something about our 44th President but nope Nothing The entire 8 year Obama Presidency is smushed into a 50 page epilogue and descri [...]

  3. yes, I m curious, but I m not sure I can get through a 1461 pages long non fictional book theguardian us news 2

  4. A difficult book to rate with this genre, it s not really possible to like the book it s that one can appreciate the work without necessarily agreeing with the author or accepting his conclusions The book is 1400 pages, over 7 pounds, extremely small type It seems to be meticulously researched, has 400 pages of notes, references and index It ends just before the 2008 campaign so the author probably has a second volume planned It is not particularly complimentary to the former President and will [...]

  5. This is the quintessential political biography of our time I was completely enad with this book from start to finish Garrow spent over 9 years on his research, and it shows His attention to detail is incredible The book itself is highly informative but remains accessible throughout For those complaining about the length, I don t know what to tell you The rise of Barack Obama is an incredible story and deserves a comprehensive examination, which this book provides in spades I could not recommend [...]

  6. An exhaustive and often fascinating look at Obama before he was president from the same historian who won a Pulitzer Prize for exposing the character flaws of Dr Martin Luther King Jr Could ve done without the first and last chapters, but otherwise the author does a great job at cutting through all the myths about Barack Obama.The myth of his name He actually grew up Barry, a spoiled kid raised by upper middle class white grandparents in Hawaii He didn t call himself Barack until college when he [...]

  7. 3 1 2OMG, at than 1,084 pages plus 275 pages of notes , Rising Star based on than 1,000 interviews and consultations, and just about everything that was written about the 44th president Sometimes the book feels tedious and just too much of a good thing Incidents and Statements are repeated often enough that a reader might feel they ve lost their place and were rereading what they d already read If there is an advantage to this it is that the reader can cherry pick those things that correspond [...]

  8. Before Michelle, Barack Obama asked another woman to marry him Then politics got in the way washingtonpost news bObama biography stirs controversy with tales of politics, sex and a rising starin theguardian us news 2 it was,guess who

  9. Very good book, but learned nothing new Could have used another Editor, the opening chapters concerning the steel companies in Chicago were quite tedious Very long book but as I said learned nothing new But well worth the Read.

  10. At over 1000 pages I haven t actually read every word but certainly enough to be impressed Among other things Garrow exhaustively covers Chicago issues and politics displaying a thorough and balanced view His description of Obama s character and career is similarly thorough and balanced but won t be seen that way by Obamamanaics because he reveals the weaknesses as well as the strengths of Obama s not totally likable personality This is far from a gossipy, journalistic tell all Garrow is an esta [...]

  11. Enlightening This was an incredibly dense and involved read At times it reminded me War and Peace because there are so many characters to keep straight Nonetheless, the book reveals some interesting tidbits and helps explain the Obama presidency.

  12. Few books have provoked such disparate feelings from me upon completion On the one hand, this is a tour de force a massive book about 1100 pages of main content plus hundreds of pages of notes that took nine years to research and write, including interviews with over 1000 people The book provided a great deal of insight into Obama s history, and I am now much familiar with the grand arc of his story and how it all fits together, including what exactly he did as a community organizer Unfortunate [...]

  13. Rising Star is a dense read that fills in a great deal of detail and provides a skeptical take on a career that has often been sugarcoated or treated incompletely Perhaps the most fascinating chapters are those that cover the best known events in Obama s life In these, Garrow adds a critical note to many moments and is unwilling to give most actions of the Obama administration the benefit of the doubt It s valuable to see several points of a presidency that many embrace nostalgically examined wi [...]

  14. If what you hoped was to find was a definitive account of Barack Obama, I really suggest that you look elsewhere It has nothing to do with the specific substance of the text, it has to do with how utterly ridiculously detailed it is to a degree that I have seen nowhere else You may think that what you want is all the little details, the entire rise to power But that is not true, I beg to differ that what you wanna hear is the first fifty pages lecturing on the Steel Industry of 1980 s Southeast [...]

  15. I give this maybe actually a 3.75 than a 4.0, but to clarify, I think I really learned a lot There is a lot to unpack here and David Garrow does a lot of research attempting to do so The notes run 271 pages and quite frankly I was not up to that task, but I am a huge note reader and have six sheets of my own notes to research further.I know Barack Obama is a polarizing figure, so I m just going to state this one thing To me, Jimmy Carter is the epitome of a President who wanted to make change, a [...]

  16. DNF d after chapter 1 41 pages that had absolutely nothing to with Barack Obama My gosh, I ve never been so annoyed with a book before I was so angry at the waste of time that I can t go on This book has almost 1,500 pages in it when you include the chapter notes, bibliography, acknowledgments, and index who needs 382 for those.The actual book stops at pg 1078 You can t even hold this book, it s too heavy and cumbersome Where s an editor when you need one.Garrow, lost me from the get go Don t an [...]

  17. 2.5 stars This book was quite extensive and very hard to get through The writing was boring and crowded with details that were quite irrelevant to Obama s life narrative to be honest.One thing it did to me was to show how Obama was indeed an empty vessel I mean, I really like Michelle and Barack and how they fought and fight for their girls and fight for girls rights But when you think about his accomplishments and the little experience and time he took to get there, what did he really accomplis [...]

  18. I downloaded this from the library and read and read When I checked to see how much remained, I was horrified to see there were over 1000 pages This book was very interesting and revealing I don t care for his policies or his demeanor but the book did put to rest some of the rumors I have heard The man is extremely bright and calculating, prickly, secretive I m sure his childhood as a boy whose parents abandoned him has much to do with the man he became The author worked hard on this book I m ju [...]

  19. Until now, I ve never bothered reviewing a book that I didn t finish, but this impenetrable pile of excrement I made it through 500 pages of 1,400 before giving up deserves it If picking up the damned thing isn t, in and of itself, a major risk for bodily injury, certainly the act of angrily tossing it across the room would be David J Garrow has written several insightful books on Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement, including the Pulitzer Prize winning Bearing the Cross This makes [...]

  20. While others have criticized this biography for being too critical of President Obama or too pedantic, too detailed and too long, I give it five stars And I am a huge Obama fan.You can admire Obama and also appreciate this book if you accept that Obama is human and like all of us have exaggerated things in your past, not always treated all friends well, and have made decisions that have been influenced by ambition and pragmatism And that different people who knew Obama in the past had the same e [...]

  21. Dr David Garrow s monumental work on Obama highlights the complex and often troubled character who was destined to become our 44th President Haunted by the ghosts of his past, and driven by the need to enact change, we see in this book all of the major factors that molded Obama into the person he is today Overall, I learned a great deal Garrow covered all the bases Indonesia, racial identity questions, college life, law school, U Chicago, relationships, community organizing, running for office, [...]

  22. The most common word I saw used for the book was long Well, yes That should be apparent as soon as one picks it up or checks the page count on their Kindle Nook More on that to come.Having said that, I can excuse much of the detail because of the continuing mythos of Obama There still are those today who insist he s a Kenyan and not American hard to make that argument after reading this book as there s no doubt Garrow would have uncovered it The same goes for the notion of Obama as a closet Musl [...]

  23. Rising Star The Making of Barack Obama, is a remarkably vivid biography composed over 9 years of work in which David J Garrow traces every step of Obama s path to becoming our 44th President Garrow s biography is entirely factual and incredibly far reaching, which explains its 1460 pages Though, a lot of information the book presents is dragged on, and can seem to be far too in depth for some topics that do not seem to have an impact on the progression and development of Barack Obama s life Thou [...]

  24. Rising Star is ultimately a conflicting read.At almost 1500 pages including notes, Garrow s biography of President Obama not even five months after leaving office will forever be controversial and will leave an impact on any books that discuss the President in the future.Garrow s read is a relatively straightforward one, providing readers with the environment and context that President Obama becamewell President Obama in This book is as much about as the individuals he surrounded with himself, p [...]

  25. A peculiar book Far too much down in the weeds detail and quite repetitive for 95% of its extreme length then a bizarre and very one sided anti Obama screed for the final 5% of the book I had been wanting a little bit thoughtful analysis but judging by the final section thoughtful analysis seems beyond this author.There was a lot of interesting information about Obama s early life and university career and about people such as Rob Fisher whom I knew nothing about The authors obsessive attention [...]

  26. After reading Garrow s account, the meaning of President Obama s July 13th, 2012 campaign speech became crystal clear he was talking about himself, and describing the arc of his career look, if you ve been successful, you didn t get there on your own You didn t get there on your own I m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart There are a lot of smart people out there It must be because I worked harder than everybody else Let me tell you something there are [...]

  27. When a movie is than two hours, I expect every scene to be justified A similar principle applies to a 1472 page book, and Rising Star fails on that front I was in full eye roll mode when it told me the number of parking tickets Obama got as he was finishing up law school The book is, however, very well researched and cited, and, to the extent that one can get through its sheer length, pretty readable.It s impossible to write a totally unbiased book length biography, and I found some segments un [...]

  28. This book would make an excellent primer for anyone considering work as a community organizer The author goes into great detail regarding Obama s work in Chicago, to the point of telling you which booth he sat in at the diner when he met with a certain person It s almost like he is trying to impress you with the depth of his research and accuracy He spares no pains in detailing Obama s youthful shenanigans and all of his romantic liaisons, either again coming across as trying to impress with how [...]

  29. As most other reviewers say, this book is hard to review I read the audiobook version and it was over 55 hours, which is than a little unbelievable On top of that, no character named Obama makes an appearance until around the 3rd hour and even then it isn t our former President.And yet for a book SO overwhelming, it basically totally skims over his time as President That said, this could be his Caro series, after all, the book s title is Rising Star and so it is understandable if there s in th [...]

  30. Browsed briefly and learned quite a bit about Wisconsin steel in 1977 and the similarity between it and the plant in Youngstown, Ohio Its strange that after Chase Bank froze their assets and effectively shut down the entire plant that they met on April 27, 1977 at the Chicago Hilton Hotel to discuss the plant closing when many people had no food to eat as their severance checks had become useless and their unemployment checks had not been received in a timely manner I also learned about Treehous [...]

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