The Breakdown (2021)

↠ The Breakdown ↠ B.A. Paris ↠ The Breakdown ↠ B.A. Paris - The Breakdown, The Breakdown Cass is having a hard time since the night she saw the car in the woods on the winding rural road in the middle of a downpour with the woman sitting inside the woman who was killed She s been tryin. ↠ The Breakdown ↠ B.A. Paris, The Breakdown, B.A. Paris, The Breakdown Cass is having a hard time since the night she saw the car in the woods on the winding rural road in the middle of a downpour with the woman sitting inside the woman who was killed She s been trying to put the crime out of her mind what could she have done really It s a dangerous road to be on in the middle of a storm Her husband would be furious if he knew she d bCass is having

  • Title: The Breakdown
  • Author: B.A. Paris
  • ISBN: 9781250122469
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover
The Breakdown

The Breakdown ↠ The Breakdown ↠ B.A. Paris - The Breakdown, The Breakdown Cass is having a hard time since the night she saw the car in the woods on the winding rural road in the middle of a downpour with the woman sitting inside the woman who was killed She s been tryin

  • ↠ The Breakdown ↠ B.A. Paris
    251B.A. Paris
The Breakdown

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  1. Last year, I read and enjoyed Paris s Behind Closed Doors I made it clear in my review that it wasn t a clever, twisty thriller of the Gone Girl variety In fact, the book quickly gave up all its secrets and was about what happened to the characters after that And yet, it was very compelling.The Breakdown is of a traditional mystery and, in my opinion, it is less compelling I feel like the author simply didn t play to her strengths Paris is fantastic at creating dramatic scenes filled with horr [...]

  2. My reviews can also be seen at deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr4.5 Stars To say I was excited for this novel is an understatement I loved Behind Closed Doors so I couldn t wait to see what B.A Paris had in store for me this time If you can t trust yourself, who can you trust The beginning of The Breakdown is like a scene out of a horror movie I could picture it Cass Anderson is in a rush to get home s raining and the weather is only getting worse She speaks with her husband, Matthew and he cautions [...]

  3. 4.5 Stars because I would not, COULD NOT, put this down There are no profound reasons as to why this book was so much fun for me It certainly doesn t shatter any psychological thriller molds, and to be quite honest, there wasn t much shock value in its pages There were some seemingly mundane moments that some could even call repetitive So why, oh why then, could I Not Stop Reading It boils down to an exhilarating execution The quick pacing the heavy buildup of anticipation the spark of mistrust [...]

  4. Let me preface my review by saying, I was not one of those readers that was over the moon for this author s first book, Behind Closed Doors While I liked the characters, especially memorable Millie, and found myself engrossed in the storyline, the execution didn t wow me in fact, I felt there was something major missing Against my better judgment, I let my twitchy and often overeager ARC requesting finger take charge where this book was concerned will I ever learn self control , resulting in a p [...]

  5. oooh, choice awards semifinalist for best mystery what will happen well, that was fast i can t remember the last time i blitzed through a book as quickly as i did this one EDIT yes, i can it was Gemina i had about fifty pages to go in the book i was reading The Three Heretics which i knew would not be enough to last me my whole day, and i didn t want to carry TWO books into the city like some donkey, so i grabbed this one on my way out the door, and by the time i went to bed that evening, i had [...]

  6. Wow this Knocked my Socks Right Off What a Crazy Wild Roller Coaster of a Ride 5 Stars This has to be the thriller of the year There were times when I was holding my breath, gripping the book so intensely I thought I would break my e reader It was that crazy B.A Paris The Breakdown is an emotional psychological thriller It grips you from the first sentence and keeps hold till the last The main character, Cass is a teacher who, after leaving a party, drives down a poorly lit, wooded road and sees [...]

  7. Did you ever have a main character that you just couldn t stand I m leaning over my desk, raising my hand high and wiggling it madly me me me Cass, a young schoolteacher wife, sniveled her way through the whole book She was beyond annoying, with her constant over the top worry about a murder, memory loss, and a fear of being stalked Monotonous, boring, a stuck record Her anxiety made her seem sickeningly weak, and the way she kowtowed to her husband made her seem unliberated and outdated I wante [...]

  8. 3.75 Stars If you read and enjoyed this author s debut novel, Behind Closed Doors , you might consider trying this one as well, because this one was just as fantastically written and gripping Since I enjoyed B.A Paris s first novel, I was eagerly looking forward to read this one ever since I ve heard about it The Breakdown is a psychological thriller that really sucked me in from the very beginning.Cass is a teacher who lives with her husband, Matthew, in a great, but isolated house in a small E [...]

  9. Yikes When those ol marbles start rollin around inside your head and they seem to shift and move back and forth as if on cueyou know you re in troubleg trouble.Cass Anderson feels that crazy rotation Battling a torrential downpour late one night, she takes the shortcut home Her headlights are cast upon a car parked to the side with what appears to be a blonde woman behind the wheel Stalled Cass pulls ahead of her and waits for a few brief seconds The woman never indicates that she needs help Cas [...]

  10. Cass is about to make the worst decision of her life when she decides to take a shortcut home on a dark and stormy night The drive home takes her on a rural road through the woods during a torrential rainstorm She passes a car parked near the woods with a woman inside, and she stops the car momentarily, thinking the woman will approach her if she needs help The woman doesn t get out so Cass drives off The next morning she discovers that the woman was later found dead in the car and had been brut [...]

  11. 3.5 stars Yep I know, so many four and five star reviews and this one sort of disappointed me I think I might of had to high expectations I wanted so bad to love this book I did enjoy it but found the ending to be very predictable Driving home in the rain, Cass decides to take a short cut through the woods against her husband wishes that she stick to the main roads She sees the headlights of a car, stopped on the side of the road, and barely notices a woman sitting in it, she does not stop to he [...]

  12. Okay, here s The Breakdown 1 I was a huge fan of P A Paris debut novel, Behind Closed Doors, and I was eagerly awaiting her next book 2 One of my top genres is psychological thrillers 3 When it comes to clues in any book, I usually don t have a clue always seem to be surprised with most twists and never guess the endings Maybe this is why I tend to enjoy these books.4 After a few short chapters, I started becoming irritated with the main character s stressing over her guilt The first half of the [...]

  13. As Kermit the Frog is fond of saying, it s not easy being green It s also not easy being a voracious yet all too human of a reader, who tries desperately not to let the hype of all of my friends five star reviews creep in and color my expectations of a book Sometimes immovable Robot Larry wins, and sometimes the flawed mess commonly known as Larry does Apologies in advance.Cass seems to have it all a loving husband, a job she enjoys, a secure financial position, and good friends One night in th [...]

  14. 4.5 stars rounded up What an absolutely thrilling and emotional ride this book took me on This book totally consumed me and I couldn t think of anything else but this book I was reading it everywhere and anywhere which was annoying the heck out of my husbandE BREAKDOWN by B.A PARIS is an interesting, thrilling, suspenseful, and cleverly written psychological thriller that takes you on a very emotional and apprehensive tale here questioning the psyche of our main protagonist, Cass Is she really h [...]

  15. 3.5 Stars The Breakdown is a suspense filled psychological thriller about a woman who is slowly having a nervous breakdown brought on by a car that breaks down.While driving home late one night in the midst of a storm, Cass decides to take a shortcut through isolated back roads She passes a woman whose car appears to have broken down Since it s stormy and spooky out, Cass decides that rather than stop to see if she can help, she will call for help when she arrives home However, she forgets about [...]

  16. The Breakdown by B.A Paris is a 2017 St Martin s Press publication Masterful and frightening tale of suspense It was a dark and stormy night No matter how cliched that sounds, nothing sets the atmosphere and tone quite like a stormy night on dark and desolate highway Now imagine seeing a stranded motorist, waffling on the decision to stop and offer assistance or pass on by, then ultimately deciding it was safer to drive on past, especially since the driver didn t appear to be injured and did not [...]

  17. What an intriguing psychological thriller Cass Anderson is rushing to get home during a torrential downpour and promises her husband not to take the unsafe shortcut home and to drive careful She decides to take the shortcut anyway because the sooner she gets home the better, right Except she sees a car parked on the side of the road with a woman inside She decides not to stop because she s rushing home But the next day she learns that woman was killed Was it luck of the draw and Cass is lucky it [...]

  18. I had previously read and enjoyed Behind Closed Doors by the same author so was eagerly looking forward to reading this new novel due to be released in February 2017.This is a psychological thriller that features Cass a young woman who fears she is suffering from early signs of dementia an illness that her mother had.The book starts with Cass taking a shortcut home by driving through the woods when she sees a car parked up Through the heavy storm she glances into the car to see a woman who shows [...]

  19. Every bit as good as Behind Closed Doors, if not even better I tore through this as breakneck speed Wow

  20. Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.As a fierce storm rages, Cass fights to maintain control of her car as she makes her way home on a dark and winding road Straining to see through the pounding rain, she passes a car pulled over to the side, and catches sight of a woman s face Desperate to get home and out of the storm, Cass drives on, vowing to call the police to alert them of a possible breakdown of a vehicle by the side of the road Upon arriving home, Cass fails to make th [...]

  21. Would you stop if you saw someone in trouble on a lonely road in a storm Cass wouldn t want to hear the answer to this unless it s a no because she, herself, has reluctantly driven past a woman whom, later on, was found dead murdered A woman has been found dead in her car in Blackwater Lane in the early hours of the morning Her death is being treated as suspicious Paralysed with guilt, fear, and despair, Cass is starting to feel like she s going mad, forgetting things every now and then, and jus [...]

  22. This book grabs you at the start Is there anyone who hasn t been deathly afraid driving through a pounding rainstorm, hands gripping the wheel And it s totally understandable that Cass doesn t stop when she comes across a car stopped along the side of the road, given the location, worries that it could be trap and the miserable weather But the guilt compounds the next morning when she learns the woman in the car was later murdered She keeps quiet, not telling either her husband or friends about [...]

  23. I know, I m picky But, c mon people This book features the most irritating, frustratingly whiney main character in all of the domestic suspense books I ve ever read Not to mention she s so gullible and trusting of her smart ass husband I just couldn t stand it any .And the plot B O R I N G So disappointed in this I really don t understand the 4 or 5 star ratings this one received Thank goodness I saw some people felt as I do ICK Don t waste your time.

  24. My sincere appreciation to Edelweiss, St Martin s Press, and Author, B.A Paris for early access to The Breakdown for an honest review To be published July 18, 2017.Why not just title this Breakdown Because this is the Breakdown I watched as Cass Anderson s world fell apart and was so glad it wasn t happening to me but deep down I worried that it could Cass is either suffering the mother of all mental breakdowns or she has early onset memory disease Neither is good news for Cass who up until the [...]

  25. I pretty much guessed what was going to happen in Breakdown from the get go That doesn t always spoil a mystery or thriller for me because sometimes I m happy to read about interesting characters or see how the author puts all the pieces together But in this case, it was mostly frustrating because if I could see what was going on, it was pretty implausible that main character Cass couldn t see it It made for a bit of a claustrophobic reading experience But I don t want to say too much unless I s [...]

  26. What a ride this was It actually had me on edge and checking around corners very edgy Some people may not enjoy the downright frantic tone, but I was hooked The tone does get a bit monotonous as it never lets up, but that did not deter me And the ending was sweet What is going on with the narrator, Cass Is she losing it Having a breakdown Does she have a stalker Is someone watching her Does someone want to murder her Is her medication getting to her Does she need medication Cass saw a woman brok [...]

  27. THE BREAKDOWN begins on a dark rainy night with an ill advised shortcut home on a winding secluded road surrounded by woods, and the nightmare for Cass begins when she spots a lone woman in a car who on that same eerie night becomes a murder victim no spoiler here From here, with a killer on the loose, the story becomes intense when forgetfulness begins to overwhelm Cass, and suspicious phone calls leave her feeling frightened, confused and unable to function normally.or knowing who to trust.Whi [...]

  28. mrsbbookreviews.wordpressThe Breakdown, the second book from by B.A Paris, immediately had me questioning the meaning of her book title I took it to mean a few things namely in reference to the mental breakdown the main character in this novel experiences Is it entirely the blame of the main character Cass, or is an outside force trying to break her down It could also refer to the car breakdown of the murdered character in the book that kicks off the book s proceedings Title queries aside, I com [...]

  29. Okhad to ponder on this one for a little bit I feel a little bit out of the norm since EVERY review I see it s 4 s and 5 s Apparently I m on a different wave length haha or just super picky as usual I would give this a 2ish Like B.A s first novel the characters just got on my DAMN nerves I was super annoyed overall by Cass and it made me sometimes want to stop reading the novel Cass clearly presents with paranoia due to driving home one evening and seeing this woman on the side of the road in a [...]

  30. Wow this book The Breakdown by B.A Paris had me on a huge roller coaster unable to get to get off.My head was all over the place trying to take it all in I found it very manic everything was moving at 100 miles an hour, it was a well written Psychological thriller that I could not put down.Cass decided to drive home on a dark stormy night through dark water lane through the woods what she discovers is a body in a car but doesn t go to help, her husband Matthew tells her she should not have gone [...]

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