The Best of Adam Sharp (2021)

» The Best of Adam Sharp ↠ Graeme Simsion » The Best of Adam Sharp ↠ Graeme Simsion - The Best of Adam Sharp, The Best of Adam Sharp From the bestselling author of The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect an unforgettable new novel about lost love and second chancesOn the cusp of turning fifty Adam Sharp likes his life He s happy. » The Best of Adam Sharp ↠ Graeme Simsion, The Best of Adam Sharp, Graeme Simsion, The Best of Adam Sharp From the bestselling author of The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect an unforgettable new novel about lost love and second chancesOn the cusp of turning fifty Adam Sharp likes his life He s happy with his partner Claire he excels in music trivia at quiz night at the local pub he looks after his mother and he does the occasional consulting job in IT But he can nevFrom

  • Title: The Best of Adam Sharp
  • Author: Graeme Simsion
  • ISBN: 9781250130402
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
The Best of Adam Sharp

The Best of Adam Sharp » The Best of Adam Sharp ↠ Graeme Simsion - The Best of Adam Sharp, The Best of Adam Sharp From the bestselling author of The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect an unforgettable new novel about lost love and second chancesOn the cusp of turning fifty Adam Sharp likes his life He s happy Best Night Ever Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. Blank site Blanksite Nothing to see here Check The ultimate unresource Unembellished blankness Tweet Gmail We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. Best Deals Online Today s Best Daily Deals DealNews We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. TV best bets with Dave Chappelle, Madonna, Justin Bieber Oct , The CSI reboot CSI Las Vegas features many of the original CSI cast members There are music specials by Madonna on Paramount and Radio Paradise DJ mixed flow of modern classic rock, world music, electronica, and in ultra HiFi sound, with HD slideshow No fees, subscriptions, or registration required. Example Domain Example Domain This domain is for use in illustrative examples in documents You may use this domain in literature without prior coordination or asking for permission. gifsoup For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Stick Page Best Online Stick Figure Movies and Stick xiao xiao, stick figure deaths xiao movies, all the best stick figure games and movies on the net TV best bets with Caitlyn Jenner, Bob Ross, Charley Pride NeNe Leakes guest stars as herself in an upcoming episode of the CW s Dynasty, set and shot in Atlanta.

  • » The Best of Adam Sharp ↠ Graeme Simsion
    396Graeme Simsion
The Best of Adam Sharp

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  1. Adam is an IT consultant, has been in a relationship with Claire for over twenty years He admits that he is currently taking from his bank of memories than he is putting in Somewhere in the back of his mind lurks the unforgotten love of his life, Angelina Brown Adam is a pianist, and there are songs irrevocably entwined with his relationship with Angelina forged in Melbourne that lasted a memorable three months Then after all these years, Angelina who married Charlie and has three children cont [...]

  2. This was a pleasant enough read, nowhere near as good as The Rosie Project but then that was an exceptionally good book The story was good as was the pacing and I never felt the need to put the book down I think where it was lacking for me was the characters When the author told me Angelina and Adam were in love I heard him but I did not feel it When later on two characters are parting for the last time and tears are streaming down their faces, not a single tear appeared in my eyes And I am note [...]

  3. Adam Sharp is nearing fifty He s had a decent turn in life as an IT contractor and he s lived with his girlfriend, Claire, for many years But Adam has always held a torch for his first love, Angelina For a few brief months, the two bonded and shared a relationship solidified over Adam s piano playing and music It s been over twenty years since the pair have had any contact, but one day out of the blue Adam gets an email from Angelina She s married to her husband, Charlie, with three kids Still, [...]

  4. Vlot, onderhoudendAdam Sharpe s leven als veertiger is saai Zijn huwelijk met Claire, waarbij hij in een andere kamer slaapt, kabbelt rustig voort Zijn werk biedt geen uitdaging Af en toe speelt hij samen met vrienden een pubquiz That s it Hij mijmert regelmatig over z n vroegere jeugdliefde Angelina.Op een dag stuurt zij hem een mail wat een verrassende wending in het verhaal.Adam s gevoelsleven krijgt een impuls Op uitnodiging van Angelina gaat hij naar haar en haar man in Frankrijk Een menage [...]

  5. 4 What s a fella to do when the Love of His Life suddenly emails him saying Hi , and eventually Do you want to live dangerously In their 20s, English visitor Adam and Aussie soapie actress Angela had a blazing, but short lived, affair in Melbourne while she was trying to save her marriage What Save her marriage with a hot affair Mm hmm There are a few times in this book where I needed to suspend disbelief, and mostly I didn t mind too much Fast forward to 20 years later, and Angela is married wi [...]

  6. 3.5 starsRight I should probably start this review by saying that if you expect Graeme Simsion s third novel to be anything like The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect you ll be disappointed Especially if you expect any laugh out loud moments.The Best of Adam Sharp is about an almost fifty year old British guy, Adam Sharp, reminiscing and longing for his big love an Australian soap opera actress he met when he was twenty six and working in Australia The first part of the novel is pretty much ded [...]

  7. This book reads like a creepy middle aged man s poorly written fantasy Unfortunately, it has none of the charm or originality of the Rosie books Very disappointing.

  8. Adam Sharp is in a ho hum relationship with Claire, his live in girlfriend for over a decade He s doing okay, but he s also bored, overweight, and feeling lonely Life gets a little brighter, though, when Adam s ex lover, famous actress Angelina Brown, sends him an email with just one little word hi Suddenly Adam doesn t feel so glum As Claire works longer hours at her hectic job, Adam finds himself and captivated by Angelina He can t help but wonder what his life would have been like had he ju [...]

  9. The best of Adam Sharp is another interesting offering from the author of the Rosie Project While a story of multiple adulterers is certainly not as heartwarming or whimsical as the The Rosie Project, I still found it to be a unique and introspective read The protagonist, who seemingly wakes up one day and realizes how stale and boring his life is as he pines for the lost love of his youth, is certainly relatable to an extent I found him to be a likable character, although admittedly as the nove [...]

  10. I don t even know what to say Apparently Simsion decided to write a book that would cause the majority of the readers to want to find him and kick him in he shins If you want to read about a middle aged man who after hearing from an ex fling from 20 years ago just turns into a walking and talking cliche, pick this If you want to read some very uncomfortable sex scenes which will cause you to want to scrub your eyes from your head, pick this The flow is off and the very little dialogue that happe [...]

  11. The Best of Adam Sharp is the third novel by best selling Australian author, Graeme Simsion Adam Sharp is in his late forties when an email lands in his inbox from one Angelina Brown Hi For Adam, this one word missive is a blast from the past It was twenty two years ago that Adam last saw Angelina, who was, at that time and maybe still is his Great Lost Love Adam reflects on his no longer passionate marriage to Claire, thinks about what might have been with Angelina, and begins to wonder if her [...]

  12. What a weird novel Fiftyish data analyst in a dreary but committed two decade relationship happens to end up in a week long m nage a trois with the actress he had a fling with 22 years ago with her husband s consent and presence For the second half of this book I was just thinking Graeme Simsion is a weird sick guy who s just written out his own strange fantasy But then turns it into a half hearted morality play to make us think he s not so wacko after all And she chooses the husband who was wil [...]

  13. Check out my reviews at thebuzzingbookmarkThis book was a serious departure from the type of books that I usually read, but I was given the opportunity to read it and I actually felt like I needed a break from the murder, mayhem and twisted minds that constitute the subject matter of my favourite genres.I had previously read The Rosie Project by this author, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and so it wasn t a total leap of faith starting this book Let me say at the outset that the main character in t [...]

  14. The first half of this book wasn t bad, if a bit twee It tells of a young man Adam falling in love with an aspiring Australian actress when he s on a contract in Australia When the contract ends so does the love affair and although Adam moves on and has a relatively successful marriage he still looks back fondly on Angelina and the love that might have been So far so good I m sure many people have an old romance that sticks in their minds and they sometimes wonder what if However the second half [...]

  15. Approaching 50, Adam Sharp likes his life, his partner Claire and excels in music trivia, but he can t forget the affair he had over 20 years ago with Angelina Brown, an actress all about love He wonders how his life would differ from the one he lives now Then from the other side of the world Angelina gets in touch What exactly does she want I liked the music references and I was singing along to them I got into the first part of this novel,fairly easy but the second part for me just did not gel [...]

  16. For a few months during his twenties, Adam Sharp, British database consultant and passionate music aficionado and piano player, worked in Australia where he met and fell in love with Angelina, an Australian actress But it wasn t to be Now about to hit 50, settled back in England, and in a long term but stale relationship with Claire, Adam is surprised, when out of the blue, Angelina gets in touch via email What starts off as a bit of harmless flirting and wistful reminiscence, takes a completely [...]

  17. The Best of Adam Sharp is a book about life, relationships and the one that got away so to speak and plenty of great music.Adam is in a long term relationship with Claire Their relationship is just ticking along but there just doesn t seem to be a particular spark between them any It s as if they are just going through the motions of everyday life.That is until one day Adam receives an email from an Ex and it s all about to change Angelina is Adams one that got away By hearing from her she stirs [...]

  18. 3.5 starsA love story Adam, Clair, Angelina and Charlie, from their youth to middle age The confusion of young love, the remembrance of young love, the question of rekindling young love After 20 year marriages two people question whether they missed their true love of 20 years before What starts as a simple email ends up in two couples realizing what they can and cannot forgive I listened to this story on audio book It was read by David Barker and actually became my reason for really enjoying th [...]

  19. For all reviews please follow my blog Book Nation by Jen booknationbyjen.wordpressThe Best of Adam Sharp is like a fantasy that materializes the story of wishful thinking from a middle aged man in a status quo relationship with an adequate job In the story, Adam s lost love of his life, an Australian actress, gets back in touch with him after 20 years and he is faced with the decision to stay in his ho hum relationship with his ok wife or to pursue his old flame to see what would be Adam struggl [...]

  20. I was thrilled to get a proof copy of Graeme Simsion s new book The Best of Adam Sharp and I am equally delighted now to share my thoughts on it First of all, it s different Different from pretty much anything I ve read before, and certainly different from Graeme s previous Rosie novels Indeed my advice if you ve read those two books is to approach Adam by trying to forget that you loved Don Tillman, because if you come into it with the expectation of getting of the same, then you ll be looking [...]

  21. I won this through Giveaways in exchange for my honest opinion Favorable review was not guaranteed Time taken to read does not reflect on how much I enjoyed the book I simply was worn out and didn t have the energy to read as I would liked always sucks when that happens haha Taking on other books didn t help but that was the main culprit I actually loved this than the Rosie Project and that one is one of my favorites it didn t take me long to warm up to Adam and to get invested in his character [...]

  22. After twenty two years apart Adam Sharp gets an e mail from a former lover Their flirty e mails become a regular thing so he s constantly thinking about his lost love Two decades earlier, Adam had been an IT consultant in Australia playing a few tunes on the piano in a neighborhood bar Angelina, a beautiful actress, joined him singing at the piano That was the start of a three month affair before Adam had to fly away to the next consulting job.Now Adam is living in his native England with his pa [...]

  23. 4.5 starsGraeme Simsion, the author best known for The Rosie Project is back with a bang with his new novel, The Best of Adam Sharp This novel is a significant shift away from the comedic Rosie series, taking a darker and deeper emotional look at the idea of rediscovering a lost love.Adam Sharp is the main protagonist of Simsion s latest book He is a forty something IT developer by day and by night he loves pub trivia He also enjoys indulging in his other life passion, the piano Adam has been in [...]

  24. This review is also published here theslattern 2017 04 12 theAt some points in this book I got the feeling that I was reading an early draft rather than a finished novel It had all the components but they didn t quite hang together.I feel bad for authors whose debut novels are wildly successful they spend years perfecting their first book, it s well received, and then they find themselves under pressure from agents, publishers and their new fans to crank out another bestseller ASAP At least Sims [...]

  25. Book reviews and on snazzybooks I had high hopes for The Best of Adam Sharp, having read and hugely enjoyed The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect I m pleased to say that this novel didn t disappoint but I will say it s a different kind of book to the other two.The story is an interesting, enjoyable read which explores relationships and the idea of long lost loves The main character, Adam Sharp, is quite likeable though he makes some questionable decisions at times though at the risk of compari [...]

  26. I ve just wasted a whole weekend reading this and am bitterly, bitterly disappointed I had high hopes for it If it wasn t a library book I would use it to line the bin I hated it I didn t mind the narrator s voice for the first half but by the end I was hoping that all the characters would spontaneously combust so I wouldn t have to endure any whining naval gazing I detested all the characters They were selfish and spoilt and lacked any real dimension I tried to care about what was going on but [...]

  27. Great book It explores human relationships and is especially suitable for anyone over the age of 40 If you have ever wondered what happened to the ex girlfriend ex boyfriend from your earlier life then this is the book for you The Best of Adam Sharp has some things in common with Simsion s earlier work Rosie Project, Rosie Effect such as a disastrous restaurant meal, lots of witty one liners and a neat ending that brings together all the narrative threads into a tidy bundle However it is much e [...]

  28. Oscillates between profound emotional depths and absolute hilarity So much fun Toni Collette That these books are as funny and charming and often touching as they are is a tribute to the skill with which they re written NPR A poignant glimpse into human relationships what it is to love and to be loved The Best of Adam Sharp hits you right in the morals and leaves you thinking how far would you go for a second chance Books Publishing Ably proves that the romance genre isn t strictly the domain of [...]

  29. I was lucky to get a pre publication copy and I stared with the question I suppose a lot of people will have I loved The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect how different will this be After a few chapters, I was thinking very different , but in fact there are a lot of similarities.The narrator is male, a bit older than Don Tillman, and definitely less odd, but still someone looking to fill a heart shaped hole in his life Graeme Simsion isn t the only author writing love stories from a man s persp [...]

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