A Dangerous Crossing (2022)

A Dangerous Crossing Best Download || [Rachel Rhys] A Dangerous Crossing Best Download || [Rachel Rhys] - A Dangerous Crossing, A Dangerous Crossing The ship has been like a world within itself a vast floating city outside of normal rules But the longer the journey continues the confined it is starting to feel deck upon deck passenger upon pas. A Dangerous Crossing Best Download || [Rachel Rhys], A Dangerous Crossing, Rachel Rhys, A Dangerous Crossing The ship has been like a world within itself a vast floating city outside of normal rules But the longer the journey continues the confined it is starting to feel deck upon deck passenger upon passenger all of them churning around each other without anywhere to go Europe is on the brink of war when young Lily Shepherd boards an ocean liner in Essex bounThe ship has b

  • Title: A Dangerous Crossing
  • Author: Rachel Rhys
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Dangerous Crossing

A Dangerous Crossing A Dangerous Crossing Best Download || [Rachel Rhys] - A Dangerous Crossing, A Dangerous Crossing The ship has been like a world within itself a vast floating city outside of normal rules But the longer the journey continues the confined it is starting to feel deck upon deck passenger upon pas Dangerous Film and television Dangerous, an American film starring Bette Davis Dangerous The Short Films, a collection of music videos by Michael Jackson Dangerous, a Canadian American action thriller Dangerous, a Australian drama Dangerous, a Indian Hindi language crime thriller Music Dangerous , an Australian punk band Dangerous World Tour, Michael Jackson s world A Dangerous Crossing A Novel Rachel Getty and Esa A Dangerous Crossing is driven by mystery, but it s also poignant and complex Khan does not shy from intricate global politics A Dangerous Crossing is another gripping Esa Khattak and Rachel Getty Mystery Don t Need a Diagram Praise for the Khattak and Getty series An outstanding debut New York Times Impressive . Drivers create dangerous conditions for Kaysville crossing Oct , Drivers create dangerous conditions for Kaysville crossing guard, children By John Franchi Posted at PM, Oct , and last updated . Wayward Seal Pup Rescued From Bay Area Street After Nov , Wayward Seal Pup Rescued From Bay Area Street After Dangerous Crossing Published weeks ago on November , By Associated Press The baby seal flapped across a roadway in San Rafael, narrowly avoiding being hit by several cars San Rafael Police Dept via Facebook Share with friends. www kinkcentral We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. Crazy Bus VS Dangerous Roads Bus Nearly Falls off Cliff If you like my channel, to support us please donate through the following link paypal techmagazine Crazy Bus VS Dangerous Roads Bus Nearly Falls off Cl Most Dangerous Journey What Central American Migrants Most Dangerous Journey What Central American Migrants Face When They Try to Cross the Border February , A group of Central American women traveling in a caravan across Mexico in search of migrant relatives Photo Credit Ronaldo Schemidt AFP Getty Images. Hundreds make dangerous Channel crossing to UK Nov , French officials said people in difficulty were recovered and brought to safety at ports on their side Hundreds people, including very young children, have made the dangerous Channel crossing to the UK Adults carrying youngsters and others wrapped in blankets were seen arriving on the Hundreds make dangerous Channel crossing to UK Nov , Hundreds people, including very young children, have made the dangerous Channel crossing to the UK A dults carrying youngsters and others wrapped in blankets were seen arriving on the south Top Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States AdvisorSmith Sep , Crossing guards are responsible for the flow of pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic at crosswalks, intersections, schools, and other places where pedestrians and vehicles come into contact with one another In this job, crossing guards may stop traffic and help to guide pedestrians safely through crossings and intersections.

  • A Dangerous Crossing Best Download || [Rachel Rhys]
    465Rachel Rhys
A Dangerous Crossing

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  1. This feels very much like a classic golden age mystery where instead of the usual setting of a country house, we have a cruise ship, the Orantes It is 1939, Lily Shepard is travelling to Australia on a government assisted passage to meet the need for domestic servants in Sydney Whilst it is clear that she is excited and looking forward to adventure and seeing other countries, there is something amiss, something she is running away from Infiltrating the novel is the background to and run up to th [...]

  2. 3.5 A Dangerous Crossing is very much like a play and a character driven story The author, Rachel Rhys, introduces numerous individuals as they travel together on the ship Orontes bound for Australia from Great Britain during 1939 As the passengers have their meals, walk the decks, attend the ships parties, they all begin to expose their true selves Some quite outspoken, crass, hard hearted, a certain shyness, along with flirtations desired and repelled The main character, Lily Shepherd appears [...]

  3. Dangerous Crossing was a good idea which to me went awry In her afterword, Rhys says that she found a diary in her mother s house written by her mother s friends about a five week boat journey in 1938 from England to Australia At the time, Britain had an an agreement with Australia to send young women to Australia to fill positions for domestic servants Rhys mother s friend was one of the recruits and her diary records her experience on the boat going over As seen by Rhys, this was is a social m [...]

  4. A voyage of a life time for Lily Did it turn out that way Lily was leaving England and heading to Australia in order to secure work as a domestic, which she vowed she never wanted to do again.The ship was huge, exciting, filled with many classes of passengers, and always danger in the air There were a lot of festivities Lily enjoyed She also enjoyed a handful of the passengers but some were not pleasant There always has to be someone to ruin the day or event, right Lily never knew who she could [...]

  5. I loved this SO MUCH I m on a run of excellent reads right now bows down before the Gods of Literature but A Dangerous Crossing was perhaps the one that I fell into absolutely I have not read a novel in years that has so much rich, relevant and beautifully drawn detail about it whilst telling an utterly riveting, completely compelling and ultimately unexpected story With characters to die for This is seriously good stuff right here I genuinely did not want this book to end because then it would [...]

  6. A Dangerous Crossing written by Rachel Rhys is a well written, easy to read historical fiction book set on a ship travelling to Australia in 1939, that you can t help falling in love with.I truly felt that I knew all the characters personally since they were portrayed with such clarity and description The places they visited on the journey were so vibrantly described you would have thought you were there I particularly liked young Lily, travelling to Australia on an assisted passage she is naive [...]

  7. Firstly, I absolutely love the cover of this book, and if I m honest, I was initially lured in by the cover, followed by famous reviews referring to this book as being thrilling and similar to Daphne du Maurier I have to say that I didn t find this book thrilling I ve only read two Daphne du Maurier books, but I loved them and didn t experience any particular similarity with those I fear I may have fallen for the hype, and in turn ended up a little disappointed, as my own personal experience of [...]

  8. Set on a cruise liner, the Orontes in 1939, just before the outbreak of WW2, A Dangerous Crossing follows young Lily Shepherd as she travels on her own albeit under the guidance of a chaperone to a new life in Australia She is on an assisted passage scheme, paid for by the Government to encourage people to settle in Australia She is expecting to find domestic work there but also hopes to leave tragedy and heartbreak behind her, the details of which become clear.There are a myriad of fellow passe [...]

  9. I don t think I have ever felt so tongue tied going into a review before, I don t feel that MY words will be able to do justice to A Dangerous Crossing which is one of the most beautifully written books I have read this year It s words just poured themselves all over me so that every one of my senses was stimulated I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and taste the salt that wind blew in my face as if I were standing against the deck railings I could smell the spice [...]

  10. I think that A Dangerous Crossing is the kind of book that just not completely works for me I prefer reading thrillers rather than drama when it comes to a book And, this book contained way too much drama for my taste I did spend much of the time waiting for someone to die so that something would happen beside reading about Lily s interactions with the rest of the passengers And, one of the biggest problems I had were that I grew sick and tired of Eliza Campbell, she is the kind of bombastic cha [...]

  11. A Dangerous Crossing was my First Book of the Year 2017, a book that I was especially looking forward to due to the fact I d won a charity auction run on behalf of CLIC Sargent to win my name in a book, and this was the one Rachel Rhys has penned her first historical fiction novel, although you may have met her penmanship under the name Tammy Cohen where she s written a mixture of contemporary and psychological fiction.The book opens with a scene from the end of the journey from Tilbury docks to [...]

  12. It is the end of July, 1949, when a passenger ship sets out from Tilbury Docks, Essex and begins a five week voyage to Australia Along the way they will stop several times and take on further passengers, but our central characters embark in England They include Lilian Shepherd, who is taking an assisted passage to Australia, where she intends to go back into service She shares her cabin with Audrey and Ida, who both worked as chamber maids and are also taking advantage of the assisted passage sc [...]

  13. Think I ve just read a different book to that described in the title and blurb, not to mention the dozens of enthralled 4 and 5 star reviews.Penned by a thriller writer using a pseudonym, it s set on board a passenger ship travelling for five weeks between England and Australia just as WWII is brewing across Europe, and I believed it to be a glamorous murder mystery with cocktails, black tie balls, scandals, secrets, class divides and exotic stop offs at the Egyptian Pyramids and other sun drenc [...]

  14. Guest review for Book Review Cafe thebookreviewcafe 2017 03Welcome aboard The Orontes for a fun filled, glamorous crossing to Australia Or so it first seems to Lily Shepherd who is taking advantage of the assisted passage scheme to start a new life in Australia Life on board is a huge adventure for Lily as her eyes are opened to new things and she meets lots of interesting people, including the colourful Campbell s, mysterious Edward and opinionated George However as the journey continues boredo [...]

  15. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipSince the new year I ve been branching out and reading genres that I normally haven t paid attention to in the past, and historical fiction is one that I mostly ignored I m ashamed of that now as I m beginning to realize I was truly missing out and it s safe to say that I m now a certified fan of the genre There is something mesmerizing about being transported not only to a different place, but also a different era A Dangerous Crossing swept me away t [...]

  16. Set in 1939, not long before the outbreak of the second World War, A Dangerous Crossing follows young Lily Shepherd as leaves her much loved family and a past she would rather forget behind her to sail towards a new life in Australia.She is travelling on a cruise liner, the Orontes , thanks to an assisted passage scheme, paid for by the Government to encourage people to settle in Australia Lily had been a domestic servant, and she had been told that when that when she reached Sydney she would ha [...]

  17. Full review to follow nearer the time but keep an eye out for this one It s a cruise from England to Australia with stops in France, Gibraltar, Naples, Egypt, Yemen and before you even get to the final destination And it s in Australia where the book opens where something bad has happened The rest of the novel is the build up to the passengers disembarking from that infamous journey.Ah the places you will go as you sail the open seas and leave a trail of devastation in your wake The fun you wil [...]

  18. Escaping the pastDays after the outbreak of WW2, a ship arrives in Australia, and a passenger in handcuffs is escorted off by the police A local reporter tries to snatch an interview, to find out if the rumour is true that someone aboard the ship was killedAfter this great prologue that hints at much but tells us nothing that will spoil the story, we are whisked back to the beginning of the voyage Lily Shepherd has left her home in England to go to work in Australia as a domestic servant She s t [...]

  19. It s 1939 and Europe is on the brink of world war When young Lilly is offered the chance to escape her surroundings and work as a ladies maid in Australia, all expenses paid, she goes for it This book is the tale of her experiences along the journey in fact, it was the setting that inspired me to choose this book in the first place Although Lilly appears on almost every page, her character is underdeveloped I grasped she was young and somewhat naive but her thoughts and actions lacked some depth [...]

  20. The charming cover of Dangerous Crossing is enough to make me want to pick it up The era in which it is set, just pre war 1939 always fascinates me and the endless possibilities that could arise on board a cruise to Australia sealed the deal.This is not a book to be read quickly, it is fairly complex with a large cast of characters who all draw you into their lives Lily is travelling on the Orontes as part of the Government s assisted passage scheme to Australia Her plan is to seek employment in [...]

  21. This historical crime novel by Tammy Cohenunder a pen name is different than I anticipated from the blurb and at the start.The book opens at the end of the voyage with a passenger we don t know who it is taken into custody, and then takes us back to the beginning and through the five week journey.The killings don t occur until toward the end it s the characters who propel the story forward They re one dimensional but deceptive, with skeletons in the closet than ballgowns.The story is well paced [...]

  22. 1939 Europe is on the brink of war A young English woman sets off for Australia on an ocean liner There, blurring the social distinctions and customs, stuck in their very own quite claustrophobic microcosm, a variety of characters will come to know, love and hate each other Sounds promising, doesn t it Even so since the novel s first scene is the ship s arrival, wherein it becomes very clear that something terrible has taken place at sea And yett as great as one might have expected Although to [...]

  23. Novel set aboard an ocean liner heading for Australia 1939I have never fancied the idea of a cruise all those different people compelled into forced intimacy for the duration of the journey and this novel certainly did nothing to persuade me otherwise In Dangerous Crossing, Rachel Rhys, alter ego of Tammy Cohen, an established thriller writer, makes her debut into historical fiction and a good job she makes of it too.Rhys tells us that this novel was inspired by the real life story of a young gi [...]

  24. I am reviewing A Dangerous Crossing by Rachel Rhys.This is an Vine Programme Review.A Dangerous Crossing is a fictional story inspired by a real diary of a young girl s description of life in the 1930s as she travels on a large passenger ship from the UK to Australia to learn domestic skills for girls Here are my thoughts A Dangerous Crossing reads a little like an Agatha Christie novel in which a closed room whodunnit becomes a closed ship mystery when things get tough, there is no escape I lov [...]

  25. This novel is a drama suspense of which I thoroughly enjoyed With beautiful, languid story telling, I was completely absorbed into the world of Lily Shepherd, on passage aboard the liner, Orontes, to a new adventure to Australia Lily, herself tourist class , is somewhat caught in the middle of a class war on board She is given a glimpse into the world of First Class by the scandalous and morally outcast socialites, The Campbells, whilst also learning passengers may sit on the same class level ab [...]

  26. A Dangerous Crossing is a journey I ll never forget Departure 29th July 1939 Tilbury Docks, EssexLillian Shepherd experiences conflicting emotions as she boards the Orontes on an assisted passage to Australia waving goodbye to her family as she braces herself to travel alone VS the anticipation and that delicious lure of escape from her past traumas.Despite reassurances, it appears England is on the brink of war as a fusion of difference and ignorance is thrust together for five long weeks Durin [...]

  27. You can t get away with anything on a ship, you know someone always finds out Don t come to this expecting a full blooded murder mystery or romance as you might well be disappointed instead this is a slow evocation of a 5 week passage from Tilbury docks to Australia in August 1939 The story is focalised via Lily, a young woman who goes to Australia on an assisted passage encouraging immigration, and on arrival she is to take household service The ship passage becomes a liminal space in which she [...]

  28. With no doubt at all, this is the book to beat this year I adored it Every single page was an absolute joy.

  29. I have to say that as soon as I read the description for Dangerous Crossing I couldn t wait to start reading With this being an historical mystery it really is the perfect book for me as I have taken such a liking to this genre With me looking forward to picking this book up I was slightly worried that I would have put too high an expectation on it However I decided to keep an open mind and just sit back, relax and take notice of every detail contained within this story This is expertly done by [...]

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